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FRRME is a small UK-based charity achieving big changes. We work in some of the world’s most dangerous countries and facilitate the unique and important work of Canon Andrew White in Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine – convinced that God has not forgotten their people.

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Religion Has Gone Very Wrong Again!
Judaism is a faith of love and reason. When Jewish people in Israel cause death destruction and carnage as happened this morning it just increases the danger of anti-semitism and the evil anti Judaic polemic. Yesterday a young child was burned to death when some settlers through fire bombs at a house in the West Bank. Then we had some Orthodox Jews stab 6 people on the Gay Pride March.We might not like what some people do but the way of Hashem is always the way of peace. A day of Religion going wrong yet again. This is why we are having our reconciliation conference in Jerusalem in September. Israel and the IDF have strongly condemned this action as being that of evil terrorist. The PA has said it was all Israel's fault.
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1 day ago

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Sheilagh SmithPraying for God's revelation to all x1 day ago   ·  1
Giovanni ContiIt's not the religion. It's the angry and jealous man that does it, but religion gets the blame.1 day ago   ·  2
Caroline MillerDon't blame religion for fallen human nature1 day ago   ·  1
Naomi HillI had to read twice as I couldn't understand 'through' and then I realised it should be 'threw' so sad you are in my prayers!1 day ago   ·  2
Gail HowarthBibi was very good in responding to this situation.12 hours ago
Janet PearseOh dear that poor child, human nature gets in the way of our awesome God. God forgive us20 hours ago
Pam WhiteThank you for sharing what has happened1 day ago

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Remember Georgina? Her family has been missing since IS swept into the north of Iraq and Georgina and her grandmother fled to Jordan. The top photo is from May this year, when we were moving Georgina into a new, safe apartment. The second photo was taken earlier this week, as she shared a moment with young neighbour Ramah - their joy in their new surroundings can be clearly seen. www.frrme.org #FRRME #FRRMEAmerica #CanonAndrewWhite ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Ellie LantzI pray for these people. How long will they be safe in Jordan? Things are changing so fast in that area. May the Lord lead all involved to receive a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know His will and to carry it out.1 week ago   ·  5
Connie Bateman SpinksIs there a chance of Georgina finding her family?1 week ago

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Although classes at the FRRME funded school in Jordan are over for the summer, many of our Iraqi refugee children are studying for exams to receive credit from the Iraqi Ministry of Education, as they hope to return home one day. These students were photographed as they took a break from studying. #FRRME #CanonAndrewWhite #FRRMEAmerica ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Not Long Now
It has been good being back with the staff and family. We interviewed for a new member of staff today and appointed a very talented young man Alex as a new communications officer. He has a lot of media experience and within two months he will be with us and you will be hearing a lot from him.

Dr Sarah our project director is with us now at home but she will leave on Sunday with Jacob and his friend to go on a two week holiday to LA.

Meanwhile in the Middle East things are as crazy as ever and having been away for a few days I am desperate to get back and I will do on Monday.
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3 weeks ago