Food relief 

Through our partnerships with the Syrian Orthodox and Armenian churches, we are feeding thousands of displaced Iraqi Christians every month. We also provide food and water to other persecuted minorities including Sunnis, Yazidis, Shabaks, and Kaka’i.

Education projects

The Um al Noor Kindergarten:

The Kindergarten is run by the Syrian Orthodox Church and is based in a large villa in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. It caters for around 130 Christian children, mainly from the camps and from the congregation in Erbil. The children only pay if they can and we continue to contribute £4,000 ($5,000) for each school year.

The eight teachers at Um al Noor are led by Mrs Amira Aqrawi who is herself is an IDP from the recently liberated eastern part of Mosul. Mrs Aqrawi says she is reluctant to go back there given the terrible persecution suffered by Christians in the city under Islamic State.

Girls school in Harsham camp:

There are currently 30 girls enrolled at our girls school in Harsham Camp north of Erbil, but this could go up to 60. The four cabins that make up the school are self-contained and transportable. The curriculum is certified by the Iraqi Ministry of Education. Currently, the Emirates Red Crescent is responsible for a majority of the housing units at Harsham, while we are providing regular food deliveries for the girls and the staff.

Autism centre in Kirkuk:

The Autism Centre in Kirkuk is the brainchild of Dr Firmaisek Jaleel who herself had two autistic children and found absolutely no arrangements to support them anywhere in the Iraqi educational or medical institutions. Children like this in Iraq have traditionally just been classified as mad and shut away. Dr Jaleel derives all her diagnostic principles and training methods from publications (in French) from Lebanon. Our support has allowed her to expand and cater for 85 children who are looked after by a team of 22 carers.

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