Without genuine reconciliation there can never be peace

The High Council for Religious Leaders in Iraq was first convened by FRRME in 2007.

It comprises around ten members and includes the Sunni and Shia religious leaders (or their representatives) who carry most influence in Iraq, together with Sadrists, Kurds and members of minority religious groups.

If funding is available, the HCRLI will meet quarterly for a series of roundtable meetings (HCRLI Full Meetings). These will enable them to work collaboratively and to use their considerable influence to persuade their people to refrain from violence, to engage politically and to support the rule of law.

At these Full Meetings, the HCRLI will identify spoilers to peace and economic regeneration in Iraq. They will then devise a strategy to use the weight and support of their networks to overcome those spoilers.

The indicator of success of each Full Meeting will be a signed agreement setting out a strategy for religious reconciliation, together with a signed action plan, detailing positive and tangible steps towards the implementation of that strategy.

The cost is $120-130,000 per meeting, which has to be found from outside our normal funding.

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