Canon Andrew White on BBC Newsnight

The persecution continues

On August 7th, Canon Andrew White was interviewed on BBC Newsnight. The plight of the Yazidis and other religious groups has been brought to attention as many are being forced to flee. Once againĀ an ultimatum comes to the forefront of their reasons for leaving. The choice is this: Convert to Islam, Pay special taxes, or Be executed. This has led to the exodus we now see among the persecuted groups. Canon White says, “The international community needs to wake up to the needs of the people.” Those needs are rapidly growing as the people seek a safe haven.

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9 thoughts on “Canon Andrew White on BBC Newsnight

  1. Dear Brother, what can I say except that the Scripture says to pray for those persecuted for righteousness sake.
    I am helping financially and keeping the plight of your people before the churches in NZ where I can. We spent time
    in a Prayer Group this week on three occasions as well as personal prayer.
    I am praying Psalm 91 and 84 for you all.
    Love and prayers from Tauranga , New Zealand

  2. Dear father Andrew , you are true disciples and warriors for our Lord God ,our love is with you . The perpetrators of those crimes against humanity know what they are doing and are blind to it. Soon they will see the blood on their hands, and know what it is to cry out for mercy in what they are doing to themselves , their fellow humans, and also committing blasphemy against Lord God ! We pray that the international community will not be culpable and negligent in this tradgedy any further. Our love is with you all . 7

  3. Pray for you all from Norway.
    Feel so sad about your situation, but anyway Jesus will never leave you. He is still the King of kings!


  4. Praise God for this wonderful man of God. He is God’s instrument and represents the feelings of thousands of Christians throughout the world. We will continue to pray for him and his congreation. Lord protect and keep him safe.

  5. Reverend Andrew,
    We are broken by what is happening where you are and to our fellow Christians. please know we are praying for you that The Lord God Almighty will show forth His Victorious hand on your behalf. Have peace as having done ALL, you stay standing on his promises that cannot fail.

  6. We feel so helpless can do nothing but raise up heartfelt prayers to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords our hearts are broken for what breaks His
    will contact our Mps etc for support
    John and Dawn Goodman

  7. I am praying for you reverand and for your flock. You are every moment on my heart these days. Prayers for Protection and Courage and a Supernatural Covering over you.
    Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

  8. and still no peace !

    Yet we must continue to pray for the victims and perpetrators of violence – may they know God’s love and may this dismal murder of innocents cease.

    For Christ’s sake !

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