David Post’s Baghdad Talks – May 2014

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Recently, one of our supporters, David Post – also known as the Cycling Vicar for his fundraising efforts – visited St George’s Church in Baghdad. Since returning he is giving a series of talks to share about his visit and the work of FRRME. Here is what David has to say:

“Following my visit to St. George’s Church in Baghdad in October 2013, I have been planning a series of cycling/speaking tours for 2014, so that I can share, with as many as possible, what I have seen and experienced of the life, worship and work of this amazing Church and its Vicar, Canon Andrew White. I am hoping to encourage many to commit themselves to support all that is done through Andrew and St. George’s, by regular prayer, and by regular giving to FRRME. Visitors will always be welcome at any of these gatherings.”

The dates for May are as follows:

Sunday 4th 6.00pm – Heckington Church (near Sleaford)

Monday 5th 7.30pm – Harringworth Church (near Corby)

Tuesday 6th 7.30pm – Oxhill Old Chapel (near Warwick)

Wednesday 7th 7.30pm – Dursley Churches Together Forum at Cam Methodist Hall, Gloucestershire

Thursday 8th 8.00pm – St Swithun’s Church, The Paragon, Bath

Friday 9th 7.30pm – Devizes Partnership of Churches Meeting at Sheep Street Baptist Church, Devizes

Tuesday 20th 7.30pm – St James’ Church, Selby

Thursday 22nd 9.15am – Wragby Church Breakfast, near Lincoln

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9 thoughts on “David Post’s Baghdad Talks – May 2014

  1. As I do not live near any o9f these venues, perhaps you could post a written copy of your talks. Best wishes and look forward to hearing further. Joan

    • Dear Joan, thankyou for your comment and request. First, I do not actually write out my talks. I just have titles of the “slides”, with brief reminder notes, and then explain quite informally. There are always small variations therefore in what I actually say.
      I divide my talks into 3 sections – Andrew and his Team – Worship at St. George’s – Social Action at St. George’s ( the Clinic,
      Weekly Food Aid, Visiting the Poor, etc.) Before, between and after these sections there is a hymn/song, and in each section there are 3 Cameo anecdotes or moving life stories, 9 in all, for which I choose volunteers before the meeting, to come forward when I call them, to read out the card I have given them. The whole presentation takes 1 hour 15 – 30minutes. I have been greatly encouraged by the comments from people afterwards.
      Second, you may not live near the May venues, but perhaps some of the others may be nearer to you. From June 16 I will be visiting Wheldrake near York, Aberdeen, Whitehills near Banff, Rothiemurchus near Aviemore, Dingwall, Dornoch Social Club & Cathedral, Finstown (Orkney), Kirkwall(Orkney), Inverness?, Perth Cathedral, then Flixton (Manchester). Then July 7-14 venues between Liverpool and Braithwaite (Keswick). Bookings are coming in for E. Anglia and Essex. Details soon on frrme website.

  2. From David Post.

    I have now completed my June tour as listed above, and been very well received. People have commented afterwards that they had had no idea of what it was like to be a persecuted Church or Christians living in constant danger. They had read, seen or heard news reports about the situation, but it all seemed so political and so distant from their own reality. But my presentation, concentrating as I do on Andrew’s reconciliation work and the Christians of St. George’s, their worship and strong faith in Jesus, lived out in daily life in their care for one another and for the poor and destitute and those in need of medical or dental treatment – all this had made it so much more immediate and real to them. And the nine little cameo stories, (which I get volunteers to read out for me), of St. George’s members’ experiences, their trials and tragedies, their joys and their witness, and the service they give to others, haved moved them deeply. I think many will now become regular pray-ers and regular givers to support Andrew, St. George’s and FRRME.

  3. From David Post

    My next tour begins on July 7, and the dates, times and venues of my “Spotlight on Baghdad” presentations are :-
    Tuesday July 8th 7.30pm at St. James’ Church, Westhead (near Ormskirk, Lancashire)
    Wednesday 9th 7.30pm at St. James’ Church, Birkdale, Southport
    Thursday 10th 7.30pm at St. Peter’s Church, Heversham (near Kendal)
    Friday 11th 7.30pm at St. Herbert’s Church, Braithwaite (near Keswick)
    and Monday 2.00pm at Braithwaite again, so that Keswick Conventioners can come if they wish. See you soon?

    PS If you would like me to come to your area in the next few months or next year, please contact me via FRRME.

  4. David I have just arrived back from Kenya and saw your profile , I’m wondering if you lived many years ago at poughill near Bude ? I took Sunday school there at st olaf s church snd am interested to know if it is you ! I was known as Ann love grove in those days , I would be so interested to hear of your work . Kind regards

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