With great support from both the United States government as well as ‘ordinary’ citizens in America, Canon Andrew has made many trips across the Atlantic to the USA where the work of FRRME and Canon Andrew is widely publicized and supported.
Canon Andrew with some of our US supporters at the First Freedom award ceremony - January 2012

There are a great many kind people in the US who provide support in the form of prayer, encouragement by post or by email or through social media, and also much needed and gratefully received financial support. Canon Andrew always looks forward to meeting people in person and visiting the churches and communities from which they come.

Canon Andrew also travels to America because the US Department of Defence, and US Institute of Peace are two of our longest standing and most committed partners. Whilst in the US Canon Andrew visits these organisations to discuss progress, and plan future strategy.

The American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East was founded in 2009 by a group of approximately a dozen American Christians who had served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. These Christians all had met and been impressed with the ministry of Canon Andrew as he pastored St George’s Church and served as the Anglican (Episcopal) Chaplain to American and British Forces in the Baghdad International Zone also known as the Green Zone.


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