Prayer is an important part of our work. Please pray for the people we are helping in Iraq and Jordan.

Rami Cross





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24/7 Prayer Network

If you’d like to make a more permanent commitment to praying for our work then please consider joining the 24-7 prayer movement.

24-7 Prayer Network

Different people from across the world have committed to praying for half an hour for Iraq every week. St George’s Church have already covered the 330 time slots that make up an entire week of non-stop prayer and the international community are looking to match their endeavours.

Prayer slots are for half an hour at a particular time every week, wherever you are, and there are still slots available at various different times, particularly late at night and early mornings.

If you’d like to connect with people around the world in prayer for one cause, let us know a couple of times that would suit you (with your time zone) we’ll then check the chart and try and find a space that’s free.

If at any time you want to stop, just send us an email.