Pray for St George's Church and FRRME

Things which we require constant prayer support for are:

St Georges Church

  • For the staff and congregation, in particular Faiz Jerjes and his wife Nawal.
  • For protection for the people and the building.
  • For the clinic, kindergarten and food relief programme.

Canon Andrew

  • For Andrew’s health and for healing
  • For wisdom in his ministry
  • That Andrew would know God’s presence in his work
  • For Andrew’s wife Caroline and their children, Jacob and Josiah, in the UK


  • For our reconciliation work
  • For an improvement in the security situation and an end to the ongoing sectarian violence
  • For the Iraqi government
  • For persecuted minorities in Iraq


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One thought on “Corporate Prayer Needs

  1. Dear Father G-d bless Iraq and all who seek to know you in Spirit and in Truth, bless the work of your servant Andrew and all who support his work for you. Open the treasure house of heaven and meet the needs of those who call on your precious name.Keep those thy servants love safe and in good health, may those who love you remember mercy. You are the Good Shepherd, lead these precious ones beside still water and restore them for mercies sake. We ask that you would meet all of their needs, the needs they are aware of and those that you alone know about. We ask that there would be peace in this whole area, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and where ever love of the Lord brings unholy war and anger. .We thank you that what we ask is what is in your heart for these your servants. Your Word tells us that those who leave father, mother, sone, daughter fields or homes for yor sake will receive in this life and in Eternity. These suffering servants want only to serve you and to let eveeryone they meet and love know that Our G-d Saves, Amen and Amen

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