The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) is registered with The Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our charity number is 1133576. Please click here to see our accounts on the Charity Commission website. The charity is also registered as a Company in England and Wales (number 6598173)

We are privileged to have an amazing Board of Trustees who oversee FRRME. The Board is legally responsible to the Charity Commission for the work of the organisation. Our team of trustees includes a former British Government Head of Mission to Iraq and a serving Foreign and Commonwealth Office official. The Chair of the Board of Trustees is Pastor David Harland, who leads the City Coast Church in Hove.

In 2016 FRRME said goodbye to the its founding President, Canon Andrew White, following his resignation on 28th October 2016. Andrew has been an inspirational leader and his vision has helped to ensure that FRRME became established in the region as a force for good for both Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities, promoting their cause and giving voice to many persecuted minorities.


Endorsements of our work


The Rt Revd Michael Lewis, Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf

“The succession of agonizing events that have thrown many sections of Iraqi society into confusion and often immense suffering over almost fifteen years have left swathes of the population in great need. Some are still in their homes and hardly getting by. Some, though still within the borders of Iraq, were brutally and without warning internally displaced, their livelihood and dignity assaulted. Some left Iraq for other lands but have found themselves unable to go beyond camps in Jordan. They are Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, and others, united in their common humanity. I commend the work done by FRRME to aid and relieve them.”


Lord Hylton, former Chairman of the FRRME Advisory Board

“As Chairman of the Foundation’s Advisory Board, I have travelled several times to Baghdad. I thus saw the development of the work around St George’s Church. I also went with the Director to Najaf to meet several of the Grand Ayatollahs, and to Erbil. Since then, I have been again to Erbil and Dohuk meeting refugees and displaced people. I have thus seen the vital relief work done by the Foundation for Christians, Muslims and others. All have been suffering for far too long. The light of faith and non-violence has been kept alight. It still urgently needs our support. FRRME always helps in very practical ways.”


Tim Cross CBE, former British Army Major General / senior officer in charge of post-war planning and reconstruction in Iraq

“In a recent interview, an Iraqi Orthodox Bishop stated that ‘the West cares more about frogs than us’. It was a starling statement, but it made the point that animal rights in the west seem to carry more weight than human rights elsewhere in the world – and that western leaders are ignoring the plight of Christians and other minorities across the Middle East. Sadly, there is a great deal of truth in his comments, but thankfully there are many Christian organisations that are working hard to support our Christian brothers and sisters – and FRRME is one of them.”


David Taylor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Christian Solidarity Worldwide

“FRRME’s relief work in Iraq and Jordan serves some of the poorest, most marginalised, most desperate and least helped of Iraqi refugees. The aid is administered directly and efficiently and I commend it to anyone concerned about the plight of those displaced by conflict there.”


 Paul Robinson, CEO of Release International

“It is a privilege to add my endorsement to the work of FRMME. Release has been a supportive partner for FRRME for many years and celebrates their work in one the most difficult environments on earth. Their ongoing commitment to the staff and projects of St. George’s, Baghdad, a ministry that includes care for many widows and orphans, is worthy of much praise and support.  Thanks to FRMME, St George’s Church is still providing a relatively safe space for the local Christian minority to worship in peace; a place of spiritual refuge. Their work among Internally Displaced People continues to bless many in the North of the country. We value FRRME’s partnership and thank God they remain committed to Serve in Iraq.”


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