Health Clinic

The health clinic at St George’s Church in Baghdad is one of our oldest projects. Currently, the clinic employs a team of 17 medical and 2 non-medical staff on a part-time basis. It costs ¬£14,400 / $18,000 per month to run and is open four days a week – Monday to Thursday.¬†Facilities include a laboratory and a pharmacy.

Despite the worsening sectarian violence in the city, the clinic remains steadfast in its mission to treat everyone who comes through its doors, regardless of religious affiliation. The staff treat around 80 patients every day (an average of 16,640 visits every year). Many in the congregation suffer poor health and the local hospitals continue to refer patients.

The pharmacy provides patients, young and old, with a variety of essential medication and drugs as prescribed by the doctors and all free of charge. There are approximately 60 to 100 people on regular medication being support by the pharmacy.

Of the 80 patients who pass through the clinic daily approximately 15 to 20 of these are for dental service. Typical dental treatments take around 30 minutes.


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