Media Summary 18 September 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s edition features news on tensions in the anti-IS coalition internationally and in Iraq, crimes against women committed by IS and the needs of Iraqi IDPs.

Media Summary

New York Times: Shiite militias pose challenge for U.S. in Iraq

Rudaw: Analysis: Iraq government more of the same

Al-Monitor: Political rifts threaten Iraq’s anti-IS coalition

Rudaw: Kurdistan official: IS crimes against women need world action

Press TV: Iraq’s refugee crisis hinders school education: Report

Daily Star: Displaced Iraqis lack crucial medicine

Media Summary 11 September 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s edition features news on the new Iraqi government and their strategy for addressing IS, and US plans to expand their strikes in Iraq and Syria.

Media Summary

BBC: Islamic State crisis: Obama threatens action in Syria

Al Jazeera: A new Iraqi government strategy to fight IS

Al Monitor: Abadi’s new government will face challenges

Al Monitor: Iraqi clerics show support of minorities

Daily Star: Round 3 in Iraq: a war against terror or against corruption?

David Post’s Baghdad Talks – September 2014

Recently, David Post – also known as the Cycling Vicar – visited St George’s Church in Baghdad. Since returning he has been giving a series of talks to share about his visit and the work of FRRME. Here is what David has to say:

“Following my visit to St. George’s Church in Baghdad in October 2013, I have been planning a series of cycling/speaking tours for 2014, so that I can share, with as many as possible, what I have seen and experienced of the life, worship and work of this amazing Church and its Vicar, Canon Andrew White. I am hoping to encourage many to commit themselves to support all that is done through Andrew and St. George’s, by regular prayer, and by regular giving to FRRME. Visitors will always be welcome at any of these gatherings.”

The dates for September are as follows:

Monday 15, 7:30pm – All Saint’s Church, Redgrave, Suffolk.

Tuesday 16, 7:30pm – Bethesda Baptist Church, Ipswich.

Wednesday 17, 7:30pm – St Nicholas’ Church, Canvey.

Friday 19, 8:00pm – St Peter’s Church, Staines.

Sunday 21, 11:00am – St Mary’s Church, Hanwell.

Monday 22, 8:00pm – St Giles Church, Codicote, Hertfordshire.

Tuesday 23, 8:00pm – St George’s Church, Stamford.

If anyone would like David to come to any other area later this year or in 2015, he can be contacted after the 24 September on 01673-843388.

Media Summary 4 September 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s edition features news on figures released on displaced Iraqis by the UN and the Kurdish Region Government, advances being made against IS and increased calls for military intervention from the international community.

Media Summary

Relief Web: Joint press release of KRG and UN on displacement figures

Al Jazeera: Iraqi forces ‘advance against IS fighters’

Al Monitor: Iraqi intellectuals start campaign to end bloodshed

Daily Star: NATO would consider Iraq request for ISIS help: chief

BBC: Iraqi forces ‘reach besieged Amerli’


Al Jazeera: Interactive: Iraq’s Exodus

Canon White on BBC Radio 4

"Impossible to engage" with the Islamic State

September 3rd had Canon White on BBC Radio 4. He stated his belief that it is “impossible to engage” in peace talks with the Islamic State, because of their insistence on violent methods. He reiterates the dangerous position of everyone in Iraq. He says that hostage negotiations with IS are impossible and warns, that those not working in imperative positions should not be in the country.

You can listen to Canon White’s interview HERE.

Working for FRRME: Administration Assistant

FRRME is looking for an Administrative Assistant to support the work of the organisation. The successful applicant will become a key part of our small but capable team of staff based in Petersfield, Hampshire.

They will be:

  • Responsible for administration of all records, correspondence and contact with FRRME supporters and donors.
  • Participate in the efficient and effective administration of the FRRME at the Petersfield office, under the supervision of the Finance Manager.
  • We are a Christian UK-registered charity and it is a genuine occupational requirement that you are a committed Christian and in full agreement with the aims and objectives of FRRME.

Hours 20 hours per week. Flexible working arrangements available.

Salary: £17,290 pro rata (£9.50 per hour)

Application: By CV and covering letter. Email Fiona Bunn for a person specification and job description, or see

Deadline: 15th September 2014.

Interviews: On receipt of suitable application.

Administrative Assistant Job Description




Media Summary 28 August 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.

This week’s edition features

news on moves to counter IS advances by the Kurdish and Iraqi forces, continued oppression of Iraq’s minorities by IS and the political developments as Iraqi politicians and the international community seek to resolve the current crisis.

Media Summary

BBC: Iraq Conflict: US ‘plans aid drop to Iraqi Turkmen’

Daily Star: Iraq forces mass to break ISIS siege of Amerli

Rudaw: Retreating IS militants torch Ain Zalah oil wells

Niqash: Bypassing Baghdad: international allies in direct talks with Iraq’s Sunnis and Kurds

Al-Monitor: Iraqi politicians must focus on priorities over infighting

Relief Update from Director of Projects, Dr Sarah Ahmed

19th August 2014

Our team got a little bigger. I have a brilliant driver, Razgar who have been with me since day one in the north. He speaks Kurdish and Arabic, so he’s brilliant to have around. Another addition to the team is Mustafa who came in a vacation to meet his family and was a super helper as well. It was a blessed couple of days with them around me, it will be hard again when they are not there. No worries though for God is by my side. The following my joint statement with Mustafa for when he was here to help:

“FRRME continued to provide relief for the displaced Christians, Shabak, Yazidi, and Muslims in northern Iraq. We helped in the needs of many refugee camps. The needs of the camps ranged from water, ice, water coolers, mattresses, blankets and pillows. Our journey started at 7 am when we delivered 3,000 pieces of bread to “Mazar Mart Shamoni” which hosts 2,650 displaced people; 650 of which are children. The bread was served during the breakfast meal and again during Dinner.

Then, we left for Al-Hikma school where 650 displaced people have been living in classrooms for the past week. We delivered 150 kg of chicken, 60 dozens of eggs, and 50 kg of potatoes and onions that was cooked and served during lunch. As we were leaving the school, we took a couple of pictures to document the misery of the people so our donors and supporters could see what the people have been going through. Suddenly, a lady cried, “Stop taking pictures. We used to live with dignity in our houses that look like palaces. But we were forced to leave because we feared the brutality of ISIS”. We assured her that the pictures are going to be used for fund raising purposes. We really felt bad and then said sorry to her, and she excused us when we showed her the pictures she knew we didn’t mean to demine her or the situation.

We were then contacted by Father Amanueel who is managing Mazar Mart Shamoni. He asked us to get Air Coolers that are needed to cool the tents, in which the displaced families were living; the air-coolers were for about 80 families. So we moved to the old part of Erbil where home appliances are sold to get the coolers. After finding a reliable type of coolers and paying for it, we bought a 100 mattresses, 100 pillows, and 100 blankets to be provided for a new shelter that has been opened recently for Christian refugees from Mosul. In which about 70 families were living.

Around noon we received a call from the carpenter who had been making cradles for about 40 families letting us know that they were ready. The cradles were provided for the kids from the Shabak minority in a distant camp. We took the cradles and we headed to the camp which was 30 minutes away. As we moved, it became very windy and rained heavily for around 5 minutes. It was not a big deal for us. However, when we got to the camp, we were shocked by the impact the short storm caused to the camp. The camp is located in an open dusty area and consists of tents that are poorly supported. So when the short storm occurred, the tents were blown away and some of them fall over the elderly and the children and caused the death of a woman leaving all her kids behind. The refugees rushed to rescue whoever was impacted and took them to a safer place. Some of the refugees have arrived recently to the camp so they were placed in shelters that were open from above, so when the storm occurred, their stuff got wet and their food got spoiled.

There are so many medical problems and apparently because they are living in the desert where there is no electricity, the canned food they are getting is spoiled. So many people came to us complaining of diarrhea, and vomiting. They said, “Even the food they get us is spoiled Doctor.”, “This is not a life.” The situation is devastated and can’t even put in wards what we saw. People are dying, people are suffering, and we didn’t see any major help provided by the UN as we heard. The tents were UN provided, but after the rain… Can’t even thank them for it.

It was a really hard day, hearing that Amo died, this young lady died, and seeing so much suffering. However, we were happy that we had some relief for them. We distributed the cradles and provided bags of food for more than 300 families. What made our day were the smiles that were drawn on the faces of the disabled people when we gave them the wheelchairs. One of the old disabled people that never left his tent before we saw as we were leaving the camp sitting on his new wheelchair in the main area of the camp with some friends enjoying a conversation.

We ended our day by delivering more bread for about 2000 families for dinner. Also, making more plans for the day after.”

There are so many things needed, and people are getting tired of no one doing anything. I have heard that there is so many aid coming in to the North, but I haven’t seen any. I have seen camps, and their misery. I have seen people, dying. I have seen women who are due, and can’t even go check. I have seen everything bad, but not much good to equal it. I am hoping that more aid will come in the coming weeks. I’ll keep helping as much as I can meanwhile. I’ll keep providing for all the Christians, and all the other religious minorities: Shabak, yazidis, Ifailies, and Shia Muslims. As the representation and the Director of Operations for the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, I WON’T STOP UNTIL THE LAST DISPLACED FAMILY IN ANY OF THE CAMPS IN THE NORTH OF IRAQ IS EITHER BACK TO THEIR HOME, OR IN A BETTER PLACE. That IS MY PROMISE.

Peace and Love,
Dr. S Ahmed


Please follow the updates if you can on the following links:

Iraq Crisis Appeal

how your money is being spent

Dear supporters,

Here at FRRME we have been astounded by the support we have received in response to our crisis appeal; whether from the many encouraging emails we have received, the prayers made, or the generous financial support to help the displaced and suffering from Iraq’s crisis. We are incredibly grateful to have such a broad base of support which has helped us in responding to this crisis. Thank you, we could not do it without you!

Though FRRME is a relatively small charitable foundation, we are uniquely placed for meeting the needs of those who fall between the cracks of the international humanitarian system. Through our contacts with Churches and religious communities we have been able to support the many Christians and other minorities who have fled the violence of the Islamic State, who have sought shelter in and around cities such as Erbil and in the internally displaced person (IDP) camps.

Our relief work has centred on Erbil where many have fled, here we support the Syrian Orthodox, Armenian and Alliance Churches which have become make-shift relief distribution centres, cooking food for thousands of people three times a day. We provide regular deliveries of food relief for their volunteers to cook and distribute.

As well as the Christian community, we have also been supporting other religious minorities who have been displaced. Schools, youth centres and disused buildings have been used to house displaced people, and many are still sleeping on the street. In addition to food relief we have been providing necessities such as clothes and cradles, as many who fled left with nothing.

Money for relief work is being sent to Iraq on a weekly basis and we have been coordinating with other relief agencies through the NGO committee that has been set up in Erbil. The committee includes representatives from local and international relief organisations, local community leaders and local government. Through the huge response we have received we are giving short-term assistance to meet the needs of those displaced, feeding as many as 60,000 people multiple times a day. We plan to be operating in the North of Iraq for the long-term as IDPs remain unable to return to their homes.

The appeal has also been supporting our ongoing work in Baghdad, tensions in the capital remain high and many Christians left when it was feared that Baghdad might fall to the Islamic State. Supporting Christians who remain, many because they cannot afford to leave, remains a key priority for FRRME.

To find out more about the relief work we are doing on a day-to-day basis, you can follow the page of our Director of Projects, Dr Sarah Ahmed, at or follow the updates at

The FRRME Team

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Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Canon Andrew's PA in Baghdad
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