June Update from Peter Christenson, FRRME Middle East Project Officer

This month I had the opportunity to be a part of some high-level diplomatic meetings, at which Canon White was able to engage in discussions about the relief work that FRRME is doing in Jordan and in Northern Iraq. Reconciliation talks are at the heart of all FRRME does, as we understand that religion and politics are intimately linked in the Middle East.


We met this month with Ambassador Oakden, the English Ambassador to Jordan, and with Ambassador Saccomani, the Canadian Ambassador to Jordan. Both Ambassadors were interested to hear about the work that FRRME is doing. Canon White shared about the challenges that the Iraqi refugees in Jordan and in Northern Iraq are facing, and discussed the services that we are providing for refugees, which include education, healthcare, housing, and food. Iraqi refugees are having difficulty finding asylum in Western countries, and it is too dangerous for them to return to their former places of residence in Iraq. It was encouraging to see Canon White and Ambassador Oakden grapple with the questions of how best to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Jordan that FRRME is seeking to address, since it gave me a feeling that there is thoughtful progress being made here.


When we met with Ambassador Saccomani, Canon White addressed many of the same aspects of our work that he did with Ambassador Oakden. The importance of developing a sustainable new life for Iraqi refugees in Jordan continues to be of primary concern, and both Ambassador Oakden and Ambassador Saccomani were interested in our work and in finding solutions to the same problems that FRRME is trying to solve in Jordan. It was encouraging in these meetings to find solidarity with such high level diplomatic leaders.


This month’s diplomatic meetings were certainly a highlight for me in my time with FRRME. Though I knew it before factually, I was able this month to experience first-hand the fact that FRRME and NGOs in the region are not alone in trying to seriously think through and address the humanitarian crisis constituted by the Iraqi refugees who have fled to Jordan and to Northern Iraq.

Greetings from Amman – Update from Canon Andrew White

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Amman. Life here continues to be crazy busy as usual dealing with the many various aspects of our work to do with relief , reconciliation worship, education and health care. There are so many needs but with your help we are meeting them. The school, which has only been established for a few months, is just getting bigger and better all the time. At first some families were worried about sending their children to the school. Now the demand is so great we simply cannot get any more children in. Initially we were concerned that the school was not providing any accreditation. Now the Jordanians and the Iraqis are wanting to provide accreditation.

Just yesterday the Iraqi Embassy was present stating they wanted to enable the school to be officially licensed to provide recognised Iraqi education, so this is far better than we could have ever imagined. When I came back this time I brought with me a large number of Olive wood crosses for all the children. The children were so excited to get these. I was particularly moved by one little boy who said “Abouna, you are just like G-d because whenever you say you will do something you do it. You said you would bring us all a cross and you did, see Abouna you are just like G-d”.

I pray that we are indeed all just like G-d and we would not be able to do what we do here if it were not for the help and care you give us.

One of our real challenges has been to help our people living in terrible slums. The cost that we were paying for this accommodation was horrendous. We have therefore moved many of them to Madaba, North of Amman and have rented a whole basic living complex. Most of these people were living in the school in a little area just divided by a curtain, now they live in good accommodation with their own rooms. What has happened to all these people is quite terrible. They have all had loved ones killed and have all lost everything but they all know and say that the one thing they have not lost is Jesus.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Canon Andrew White

Abouna Andrew

CAW June 2015 2

CAW June 2015

Schooling of Iraqi Children in Jordan

Schooling of Iraqi Refugee Children in Jordan

FRRME now fund daily afternoon schooling, run by Father Khalil at the Roman Catholic Latin School in Amman. Receiving an education will better help refugee children integrate into the education system of the countries they are transferred to. Canon Andrew writes: “Our little learning centre that we started just five months ago within Father Khalil’s school, now has over 250 students. It is simply amazing to see how these children love school and have been given hope through it. Three times a day they stand in the playground and sing the Lord’s prayer in Aramaic. These children have lost everything but Jesus is more real to them than ever”.

Thank you to all of you who have helped us do this so far, but more children continue to come and FRRME is looking to expand the refugee schooling project.

How you can help …..

This schooling costs FRRME £50 per month (USD $80), and includes a daily meal and medical treatment, as and when required. At this time FRRME are seeking non-specific sponsorship of children, and your gift would go towards assisting all those in the class to have the benefit of good quality education. Sponsorship to enable schooling can be as an individual donor, or as a school, youth or prayer group or even as a church. Would you consider sponsoring our students through their education, at a cost of £50 per month?

Please consider completing a standing order form, or a PayPal subscription to provide regular monthly support for the Iraqi Refugee Education Project. Contact our office@frrme.org.

FRRME in Jordan

Jordan is a strategically located country in the Middle East with Syria to the North, Iraq to the East, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea to the South and Israel/Palestine to the West. Jordan has a population of just 6.2 million but is home to about 1.9 million Palestinian refugees with a growing refugee population from conflicts in neighbouring Iraq and Syria. This has placed enormous strain on Jordan’s public services, a country with limited natural resources.


In September 2014 the UNHCR reported a sharp increase in Iraqi refugees fleeing the Islamic State with an average of 120 Iraqis registering per day. According to the UNHCR there are around 60,000 Iraqi refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan (figures as of January 2015).  


FRRME are working to meet the needs of refugees in Jordan fleeing the conflict in Iraq. As well as Education, we also support 270 refugee families in the Marka region of Amman with cash transfers to help them pay for accommodation, healthcare and food.

Better English Club (2)Refugee students in the school in Jordan co-funded by FRRME and FRRME America show off their English language workbooks. Great to see these children smiling. They love being in school. 


FRRME is looking for an experienced Project Officer to support the ministry of Canon White, and initiate, establish, facilitate, oversee and report on projects in the Middle East. This post will initially be a 3 month probationary contract, when the position will be reviewed. Primarily based in the UK, there will be some work in the Middle East.

They will be:

  • Expected to accompany Canon White when required as he travels in the UK and occasionally in the Middle East & USA, during which the focus will be on relationships to facilitate and oversee projects.
  • Required to produce Project Proposal forms for submission to the board for approval.
  • Work towards FRRME’s overseas projects having good monitoring and evaluation systems in place.
  • Research and apply for relevant UK and international funding.
  • We are a Christian UK-registered charity and it is a genuine occupational requirement that you are a committed Christian and in full agreement with the aims and objectives of FRRME.

Hours:              35 hours per week.

Salary:             From £20,020/a (£11/h) to £23,660/a (£13/h) subject to experience.   

Application:     By CV and covering letter to fiona@frrme.org.

Deadline:         Thursday 28th May 2015, midday.


Job Description – FRRME Project Officer

Media Summary 14 May 2015

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.


This week’s edition features news on the funding crisis for relief in Iraq, challenges and progress in the fight against ISIS, and political tensions within Iraq affecting the unity of the state.

Media Summary

IRIN: Iraq aid cuts due to funding shortages

Daily Star: Iraq’s Beiji refinery could be destroyed in battle to save it

Al Jazeera: Anbar’s hidden war

Daily Star: Airstrike ‘kills’ ISIS’ second in command

Al Monitor: Iraq’s toxic partisanship continues

Rudaw: Ex-Iraqi official in US: only direct arms to Kurds and Sunnis can keep Iraq together

Greetings from Wheaton College – update from Canon Andrew White

Greetings my friends,

It has been a very good few days in the US. First I was at the Cherry Hill Connect Church in New Jersey for one day preaching at their church in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. There were lots of my old friends from Iraq present and it was a real celebration of the Glory of G-d.

I have now left Cherry Hill and have come over to one of my greatest places in the US Wheaton College. Illinois. That wonderful college which is the foremost evangelical liberal arts University in the US and being most famous for producing Dr Billy Graham and being the home to the Billy Graham Centre. Yesterday consisted of non-stop lectures as well as the major chapel service with well over a thousand students in attendance. I will continue giving the non-stop lectures over the next two days.

Meanwhile the work continues in Jordan and Northern Iraq which I miss. I love being here so much but I know where and with who I belong. I miss all my people who have lost so much but they know they have everything because Jesus is still with them. We had a wonderful time together on Friday as we celebrated the Lord’s Supper on an open-air balcony in Amman we had the great worship leader Jeremy Camp with us along with Pastor Steven Berger from Nashville Tennessee. We knew without doubt that the Lord was there and His Spirit was with us.

For those of you who are on Facebook, this is the place of my most regular updates with photos and videos. My private page is full but you may like my Canon Andrew White Public Figure page where you can get our daily pictures of what we are doing.

This week our key message has once again been from Romans 8:16 -17: Heirs, Suffering and Glory. We are heirs of G-d who have suffered and know His GLORY. Now that is good.

Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Canon Andrew White



Media Summary 7 May 2015

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.


This week’s news features news on continued fighting over the Baiji oil refinery North of Tikrit, progress on Iraq’s Sunni fighting force, an update on the Internally Displaced Person (IDP) count, and tensions between different groups should ISIS fall.

Media Summary

Daily Star: Fierce fighting in Iraq’s largest refinery

Al-Monitor: Iraq’s Sunni fighting force still months away

Rudaw: Report: 2.2 million Iraqis displaced by Islamic State

Al Arabiya: Iraq Kurds have no ‘immediate’ plans to break away

Al Jazeera: If Ramadi falls

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Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Canon Andrew's PA in Baghdad
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