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Compliments for the season from the team at the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East

Dear Friends,

2014 has been an exceptionally traumatic year for the people of the Middle East, our team on the ground have heard so many tragic stories. As 2014 draws to a close we wanted to summarise what we have encountered and how we have begun responding to the crises and outline our plans for 2015.

In Amman, Jordan we have been working with local churches supporting Iraqi refugees mostly from Ninevah. There are hundreds of families who have fled to Jordan, many of whom have received no or limited assistance. As refugees they are unable to seek employment and have to wait months to hear whether they will be moved. In the meantime they are relying on charitable support, but this only goes so far and we have found many families that have not eaten for days in order to pay the rent. Many of the children have been out of education for 6 months or more.

A great deal of our time has been spent in Israel/Palestine following recent troubles both in reconciliation and relief. We have been providing aid to Gaza through the Adam Centre which is part of the reconciliation work between Israel and Palestine. We have also been supporting the Church in Bethlehem in providing for the welfare of Christian Palestinians, and the Joseph Storehouse Foundation assisting disadvantaged people in Israel.

At St George’s, Baghdad our work through the school, clinic and food relief programme continued and with many displaced Iraqis moving to Baghdad has increased. Many Iraqis have been displaced to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq where we have been providing relief such as food, blankets, bedding, and mobility aids.

In 2015 we are supporting the construction of an IDP camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and in Baghdad. In Israel/Palestine we are partnered with Mosaica working towards a resolution to the conflict. In Amman we are seeking funding for a school and clinic for the Iraqi refugees, premises have already been located and urgent financial support is needed. We found despair, we brought hope and now through your love please help us.

Wishing you a very happy new year,

The FRRME Team


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Canon Andrew White voted No 1 in top 100 UK Christians


Canon Andrew White was voted No 1 on the Archbishop Cranmer’s top 100 UK Christians 2014 chosen by “overwhelming affirmation and democratic consensus”. It was stated, “This award is bestowed in appreciation of Canon Andrew White’s ministry of peace and reconciliation, and admiration for his faithful dedication to the cause of compassion amidst the deserts of unimaginable suffering and persecution.”

To see the full list and comments on Canon White please click HERE.

Canon White receives honorary doctorate from Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

IMG_4931 copy

11 December 2014

On Tuesday 9th December Canon Andrew White was made an Honorary Doctor of Divinity by Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. The Doctorate was given in recognition of the courage and commitment demonstrated through his ordained ministry in the Middle East, exemplifying Wycliffe’s values.

Canon Andrew White states:

“One of the real highlights of my visit to Canada has been the presentation to me of a Doctorate in Divinity by Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. This was a very big honour to me because this is where my mentor in life Lord Donald Coogan once taught, indeed the Department of Systematic Theology is named after Lord and Lady Coogan. Lord Coogan married Caroline and I and baptised our son Josiah. It is also an honour as I have never received a Doctorate in Divinity before.”

Wycliffe College is a graduate theological college situated on the campus of the University of Toronto. Founded in 1877, Wycliffe assists in the theological formation of Christian men and women, equips those who are called to specific lay and ordained ministries, and fosters excellence in theological scholarship.

FRRME continues to assist displaced Iraqis in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Baghdad, providing food, water, bedding, clothing, and mobility aids. FRRME is committed to providing relief on the basis of need and regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Media Summary 11 December 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.


This week’s edition features news on problems affecting the Iraqi army, an oil deal struck between Baghdad and Erbil, and advances by ISIS on Samarrah and Ramadi, as well as a short feature on the impact of the crisis on Jordan.

Media Summary


Al Jazeera: How Iraq’s ‘ghost soldiers’ helped ISIL

Al Monitor: Oil deal a sign of hope between Baghdad, Erbil

Al Arabiya: Hagel in Baghdad to meet with Iraqi Officials

Rudaw: Sadr warns Samarrah under threat from ISIS attacks; issues call to arms

Rudaw: ISIS fortifying forces for Ramadi assault, lawmaker warns


Al Jazeera: Jordan wages war against ISIL at home

Al Jazeera: Iraqi Christian refugees linger in Jordan

Media Summary 27 November 2014

Each week we post a selection of recent online items where you can find out about the latest developments in Iraq. We hope this will help you in understanding the situation in which FRRME operates and in directing your prayers for Iraq.


This week’s edition features news on the current situation is Anbar Province, ongoing battles between IS and the Iraqi forces, a deal between Erbil and Baghdad, and the arrival of Hezbollah in Iraq.

Media Summary

Al Jazeera: Iraq’s Anbar grapples with devastation

Daily Star: Iraqi forces battle ISIS forces in central Ramadi

Al Arabiya: ISIS battles Iraqi forces near Baiji refinery

Rudaw: Following deal, Erbil receives first cash instalment from Baghdad

Rudaw: Kurdish independence good for Iraq: Iraqi politician

Al Monitor: Hezbollah arrives in Iraq

Canon Andrew White is Interviewed by The Huffington Post

Why would you go back?

On the 24th of November 2014, Andrew was interviewed by The Huffington Post. This interview gives the story of Canon White’s involvement in Iraq, and his love for the work of reconciliation. This article also takes a look at how the present conflict has affected Canon White as a person. As the leader of his flock in Baghdad, it has been a struggle to watch his people suffer so. Many people have asked the question, “Why would you go back when it’s so dangerous?”. His answer is always “Because I love my people.”.

You can read this story HERE.

Christmas Cards and the 2015 Calendar

We are delighted to be able to make two gift products available to you through our online shop. These are all great gifts for family and friends, and perhaps you or your church may want to purchase a larger amount to sell at Christmas fairs and events in the coming weeks to support the work going on at St George’s in Baghdad.

This year’s 2015 FRRME calendar features images of all the varied relief and reconciliation work that takes place on a daily basis at St George’s Church, Baghdad. Also featured are images from the relief work that is currently taking place in northern Iraq, based in the city of Erbil.

The FRRME Christmas card this year features the St George’s Communion Class of 2014.

Also available this year are gift packs of three items, including Christmas Cards, Calendar and a copy of Older Younger Brother at a cost of £18.

Every purchase will make a real difference to families and individuals in our congregation and the wider St George’s community – thank you in advance for supporting us and sharing our vision and mission when you buy one of our gift products.  You can buy the items right now by simply visiting our shop page.

Maybe you would also consider buying one of Canon Andrew’s books as a gift for a friend this Christmas, including his most recent called “Older Younger Brother”.

Thank you for your support, and have a Merry Christmas from your friends at FRRME!




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Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Canon Andrew's PA in Baghdad
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