Canon Andrew White is Interviewed by The Huffington Post

Why would you go back?

On the 24th of November 2014, Andrew was interviewed by The Huffington Post. This interview gives the story of Canon White’s involvement in Iraq, and his love for the work of reconciliation. This article also takes a look at how the present conflict has affected Canon White as a person. As the leader of his flock in Baghdad, it has been a struggle to watch his people suffer so. Many people have asked the question, “Why would you go back when it’s so dangerous?”. His answer is always “Because I love my people.”.

You can read this story HERE.

Radio 4 Thought for the Day – Canon Andrew White

Canon Andrew White reflects on life and faith in the Middle East and its present challenges in Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.

Canon White interviewed on Sky News

Sky screen shot

Canon Andrew White was interviewed by Sky News TV on 29 September in which he talked about mood in Baghdad as Islamic State militants make their approach to the city, with some reports claiming they are as near as 5 miles from the outskirts. In the interview Canon White states, “We are at a crisis point. People know ISIS are coming nearer.”

The full interview can be viewed by clicking the link HERE.

Canon White on BBC Radio 4

"Impossible to engage" with the Islamic State

September 3rd had Canon White on BBC Radio 4. He stated his belief that it is “impossible to engage” in peace talks with the Islamic State, because of their insistence on violent methods. He reiterates the dangerous position of everyone in Iraq. He says that hostage negotiations with IS are impossible and warns, that those not working in imperative positions should not be in the country.

You can listen to Canon White’s interview HERE.

Dr. Sarah Ahmed interviewed on CBN

Barbaric acts by ISIS

CBN, an American network, did a story on the situation in Iraq on Monday, August 11th. In the video they speak with Dr. Sarah Ahmed, and she compares the brutality shown to the Christians in Iraq to the Holocaust. She tells of the violent acts that are now happening constantly. ISIS has ravaged much of Iraq and part of Syria. The specific incidents being spoken of are unimaginable to most, and yet they are the startling reality. To read the article and watch the video, click HERE.

Copyright photo: Because I Love Peace

Canon Andrew White on BBC Newsnight

The persecution continues

On August 7th, Canon Andrew White was interviewed on BBC Newsnight. The plight of the Yazidis and other religious groups has been brought to attention as many are being forced to flee. Once again an ultimatum comes to the forefront of their reasons for leaving. The choice is this: Convert to Islam, Pay special taxes, or Be executed. This has led to the exodus we now see among the persecuted groups. Canon White says, “The international community needs to wake up to the needs of the people.” Those needs are rapidly growing as the people seek a safe haven.

CNN interviews Canon Andrew White

Can harmony be achieved in this generation?

On August 5th, CNN ran this story showing the dire situation of the Christians in Iraq. They interviewed Canon Andrew White, asking him if harmony could be achieved once again between religious groups. More specifically, can it be achieved in this generation? He responds with simply, “I don’t know.” The ultimatum given to Iraqi Christians coupled with increasing persecution makes it hard to tell.

Rev Faiz interviewed by BBC World Service

On 24th July Reverend Faiz Jerjes, the curate at St George’s Church Baghdad, was interviewed by BBC World Service for their Outlook programme. In the interview Reverend Faiz spoke of the situation of Iraqi Christians in Mosul, as well as the fears Christians have in Baghdad. Reverend Faiz stated, “We are all very scared and frightened, even Christians in Baghdad feel they are next in line.” Faiz also shared of his own experiences of growing up as a Christian in Iraq and how the situation changed following the 2003 invasion.

To listen to the interview please click HERE, Faiz features first on the programme until 8:30.

Canon White interviewed by Christianity Today

"They just go around and shoot the odd person dead" Vicar of Baghdad on Isis

Canon Andrew White was interviewed by Christian Today where he spoke about the situation for Christians in Mosul and the future of Christianity in Iraq. In it Canon Andrew White states:

The only answer is that we stay together, we keep loving each other and loving God, that is all we can do. There is no solution in a place where you cannot even have a government.”

To see the interview with Christian Today in full please click HERE.

To see Canon White’s BBC Radio 4 Interview please click HERE.

Canon White BBC Radio 4 Interview

What is the future for Iraq's Christians?


On 26th July, Canon Andrew White was interviewed by John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4 discussing the future for Iraq’s Christians.

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