Please, please help us in this crisis

Dear Friends,

Things are so bad now in Iraq, the worst they have ever been. The Islamic terrorists have taken control of the whole of Mosul which is Nineveh the main Christian stronghold. The army have even fled. We urgently need help and support.

Please, please help us in this crisis.

Iraq is now in its worst crisis since the 2003 war. ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Group), a group that does not even see Al Qaida as extreme enough, has moved into Mosul, which is Nineveh. It has totally taken control, destroyed all government departments. Allowed all prisoners out of the prisons. Killed countless numbers of people. There are bodies over the streets. The army and police have fled, so many of the military resources have been captured. Tankers, armed vehicles and even helicopters are now in the hands of ISIS.

Mosul residents fleeing the ISIS takeover.

The area is the heartland of the Christian community. Most of our people come from Nineveh and still see that as their home. It is there that they return to regularly. Many Christian’s fled from back to Nineveh from Baghdad, as things got so bad there. Now the Christian centre of Iraq has been totally ransacked. The tanks are moving into the Christian villages destroying them and causing total carnage. We are faced with total war that all the Iraqi military have now retreated from.

People have fled in their hundreds of thousands to Kurdistan still in Iraq for safety. The Kurds have even closed the border, preventing entry of the masses. The crisis is so huge it is almost impossible to consider what is really happening.


The summer is by far our worst time of the year for support. Both our Foundation in the UK and US have seriously had to reduce our funding. We are in a desperate crisis. So many of our people had returned their homes in Nineveh for the summer now they are stuck in this total carnage unable to even escape. We desperately need help so that we can help the Christians of this broken land just get through this new crisis. Please can you help us, we are desperate.

The terrible fact is that ISIS are in the control now of Fallujah in the South and Mosul in the North they could now move down towards Baghdad between the two and cause a total crisis there. So to be honest I don’t know what to do, do I stay or go back? I have a huge amount of commitments here. If I go back, I cannot change the situation but I want to be with my people. Here we are with this huge crisis and need and we do not even have the resources to help those most in need. So the crisis is huge and we need help, will you please help us?

With much love and grace,

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


Please, please help us in this crisis:

Please also consider regular giving by Standing Order. Regular monthly giving enables families to be fed weekly, medical support and supplies remain available to all in need and the vital reconciliation work can continue, particularly at this most difficult of times.


Shea – The Cleansing of Iraq’s Christians Is Entering Its End Game by Nina Shea (10 June 2014).

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10 thoughts on “Please, please help us in this crisis

  1. My heart is breaking for you, dear Andrew! And, for all the people of Iraq! I’m sending what help I can today by bank transfer and I am in constant prayer for you. We prayed for you at our healing service at Good Shepherd this morning. I know you long to stay with your parishioners but I beg you to consider your own family and the impending disaster in Iraq and get out before its too late. Will the British Embassy evacuate you along with their personnel? I suspect Americans at our Embassy will soon be leaving. I am frankly so angry at my own country for botching this so badly. We know there was such potential for Iraq and her people and its all been so horribly squandered by poor political leaders.

    Please keep safe and know that our prayers are with you whatever you decide! GBYRG! (God Bless You Real Good!) Barbara

  2. URGENT…O Our dear Lord on the Throne and amongst these dear people….and we see it all happening from here in New Zealand. Playing out like a movie and myself crying out for these dear people in Iraq…The Christians, the innocent people…women and children…the men…humanity. My prayer Come O Almighty Lord/King of Kings and Lord of Lords/The Lion of Judah and surround and protect all your people in this land right this moment…right now..Am interceding for all in the Middle East and Europe at this time…We live in dangerous times even here in NZ as far away as we are. The mosques and the Muslims are rising up even here in our God Zone (as we are known) and the anti-Semitism is also rising its ugly head here. Come Lord Yeshua/Jesus…Shalom shalom/Peace Lyn

  3. I have just donated and I pray that God will raise up a Mighty Amy to defeat the evil that is in Iraq. Blessings also for you Canon Andrew in your dilemma about returning to Iraq immediately; it would seem your commitments have made that decision for you in the meantime.

  4. It breaks my heart to see the suffering of your people. I remember when I was in Begova in the North east of Iraq in what is now Kurdistan -near Mosul- and we had the US planes overhead and we lived in a village almost totally devastated by Sadam in 1992. Then the Lord gave me a strong sense of His angelic protection over us and the people.He protected my life on a number of occasions as I had 8 Israeli stamps in my passport having come from Jerusalem.
    I likewise sensed that this is true for you and your dear people in Bagdad. It is in the furnace of much affliction I have chosen you…Isaiah 48v10 – gold and silver is the result.How wonderful to be chosen by the Lord even if it is through fire. In Daniel 3 we have the fire into which the 3 Jewish young men were thrown-made 7 times hotter and then the king saw the One like unto the Son of God walking with in them in the flames.May His glory be so real to you all.
    I am praying continually for you and remember underneath are the everlasting arms and snuggle into the feathers which cover you in Psalm 91 v4.
    Loving prayers and a small monthly donation I have sent , may He multiply it for His glory. – loving greetings and prayers from Dorothy from New Zealand.

  5. Andrew, Family, and Staff: May the Lord bless and keep all of you and give you strength and courage in the weeks ahead.

  6. Dear Andrew

    May you be given the wisdom and resources and of Solomon.

    will keep praying for you to have peace in your discernment.

    Every blessing


  7. I sit here in tears writing this, knowing that Christians are being murdered for their faith in Iraq. God bless you Andrew, and all the people you minister to.

  8. We are weeping with those who weep. May God place his mighty angels around you and your town. May He give you wisdom and guidance and fill you all with his Holy Spirit over and over. Praise Jesus for we serve a Mighty God…Be filled with His shalom and assured of our prayers and financial help.

  9. Hi Andrew,

    Its really heart breaking to hear what is happening in Iraq. I am praying for the brothers and sisters in Christ for peace and comfort amidst these times and for you that God would impart wisdom and help you in making decisions and for financial help. We will keep you all in prayer from here.

    • Shalom and Praise The Lord,

      Christians in Iraq, Syrian, Egypt, Iran and the rest of the Middle East are living in a killing field. Our Christians Brothers and Sister only know to love their neighbors. There is no action, the more you try to resist helping, and you realize you must have taken positive steps. By now many had realize that they are in the comfort zone only can pray and have day dream. No action; no result and by now you will realize you’re missing out an obligation to your religion.

      The Heavenly Father would only bless people like Andrew for his action, the rest of those cowards Christian can continue to dream. Because they need to learn from ISIS and from the Fallen Lucifer what is religion and dignity is all about. I prefer not to continue on this subject matter. Please email me at

      Brother Andrew, I am planning to mobilize a salvation support team to Kurdistan. Hope they will able to assist you in your daily needs. We will pray to uphold your mission and vision in the name of our Holy Father , Son and the Holy Spirit. Please contact me at With Love, Prayers and Fasting for Peaceful and Joy in Middle East.

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