The fear and love of the Lord

Today has been a truly wonderful day as we celebrated the First Communion of our children whose bus was blown up just two weeks ago. We had our first service for the children’s families on Friday. I will never forget what one little boy said on Friday, “we knew Jesus was here with us when we came into the church, because we saw him on the bus when it was blown up”. The pictures below are of the children and the distribution of relief after church today, which was boxes of MRE’s (“Meals Ready To Eat”) left over by the US Army.

Yesterday was a good day at the US Embassy, I spoke on “The Fear and Love of the Lord”. Looking at the readings for this Sabbath, I was immediately drawn to  Psalm 111. In it fear of the Lord is mentioned twice in verses 5 and 10. The fear of the Lord is essential to our faith and practise, it is the thing that keeps us from sinning as we realise how awesome our G-d is and also what leads us into wisdom. It is so interesting though to see that both times when fear of the Lord is mentioned, so too is the everlasting covenant of G-d. G-d has made such an incredible eternal covenant with us. Why did he make that covenant with us? Simply because he loved us. And why did He love us? Because he loved us. So we see that G-d’s love to us and our fear of Him are intrinsically linked. Fear and love of the Lord go together!

Assange, the founder of Wikileaks has hit the news. I have to confess that I have no sympathy for him. The way that he released sensitive information from the US Embassy here in Baghdad was despicable. He is calling for his personal human rights, yet he did not provide that for the Jews of Iraq. He listed the names of all seven and their addresses here in Baghdad and named me as the person who is helping them. All those who endanger the lives of others in such a way should be held to account for their actions.


Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


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“I have no money and no work but St George’s, they help me”

You may have already picked up from our office and my Facebook posts that we are in urgent need of money to support our projects.

At the time of writing we may not be able to even pay for our relief or even our Iraqi staff this coming month. We want to continue to help people like Abu Youseff.

Here is his story.

Abu Youssef Romain from Habania, IraqAbu Youseff Romain is a 50 year old Christian from a town called Habinia,1 hour east of Baghdad. He is married to Suzanne and they have a son called Youseff and he has lived in Habinia all his life. Persecution and economic hardship have forced many of Habinia’s Christians to leave for the relative safety of Kurdistan or other surrounding countries such as Syria and Jordan.

Of the 175 Christian families in Habinia before 2003, Abu Youseff’s is the only one left. He has stayed in the town where he was born and is now Habinia’s only Christian. He single-handedly maintains the town’s two churches, even though they both stand empty.

Staff at St Georges’ heard of Abu Youseff when a local newspaper wrote an article about him, and they went to find him to see if they could support him in any way. Abu Youseff now travels to Baghdad every two months to receive financial and medical help from the team at St George’s. His wife needs delicate throat treatment and he is also able to receive free medicine for her.

Abu Youseff still tends to the churches in the hope that one day they will be full again. In the meantime he is able to have a secure livelihood thanks to the work of the staff at St George’s Church.

How can you help?

We can only continue to help Abu Youseff with your help. So I am asking if you would consider doing two things for us:

Firstly, and most importantly, can you pray for us? With prayer we can do everything the Lord has called us to do. We believe prayer unlocks provision and makes our resources go much further. Prayer makes the miraculous happen. We have been a church of miracles and continue to experience them. Maybe you already pray for us, but if not perhaps you can spare some of your valuable time to do so.

Pray for us

Secondly, We are working to have a more regular and reliable cash flow so we can better plan our projects. We can begin do this easily if our supporters are able to donate regularly with a standing order. Regular income means we can tell our clinic patients and the 800 or so Iraqi families who receive our vital food aid every month that they can continue to rely upon us for treatment and their essential groceries. If you can give regularly please do it now. If regular giving does not suit you then of course, a one-off donation is incredibly valuable to us too.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. You are really blessing so many by being a supporter of this work.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad



Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Director of Operations
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