From Canon Andrew in Jerusalem

Update 2 December 2013

Andrew, 2 December 2013Dear Friends,

Greeting and blessings from Baghdad. I am sorry that I have not written properly since I had my stem cell treatment last week. I responded very badly to the treatment, which I presumed was caused by the two litres of plasma I lost in the harvesting of the stem cells.

I managed to take the services this weekend but felt awful so this morning I had my blood checked in the clinic and my haemoglobin is only 9 and not 16 as usual so I am very anaemic.

I have so much work to do to make arrangements for the visit of the Bishop next week and the upcoming meeting of all our religious and political leaders in Cyprus. I am just about to start an iron infusion, please pray.



Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

Article in the Financial Times

Well if you want to read a good article about my life at home in England, click the link below – it is from the Financial Times on 12 July.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

Canon Andrew on 100 Huntley Street

Jerry Johnston speaks with Canon Andrew White about his ministry of reconciliation and conflict meditation in the Middle East.

Originally broadcast on 22 January 2012

June Prayer Calendar

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June 2012 Prayer Calendar

An inspirational day… and back to Baghdad

Rabbi Michael Melchior.

Rabbi Michael Melchior. Photo: AJN file/Peter Haskin

Yesterday was inspirational. The day started with an amazing meeting with my long time friend Rabbi Michael Melchior who was over from Israel for a very important reason. What is essential is that I must get back to working in Israel. I have not been there for a long time but will start again in May going most months. There is so much to do and we are really needed. It can now be done without diminishing our work in Iraq. We really need your prayers though not least so that we can get the funding to restart the work in Israel. We obviously cannot use the funding given for Iraq. So please pray that the funds will be forthcoming. read on

Our Norfolk Trip

Dear Friends,

Andrew, and I have just returned from an incredible time in Norfolk this weekend and we wanted to tell you a little about our trip.

In NorwichFirstly, we hadn’t quite anticipated the welcome we would receive. The people of Norwich were fabulous hosts. However, our first port of call was not with the people of Norwich or the folk of East Anglia, nor even the people of the United Kingdom. But rather a ‘date’ with the Americans.

Andrew was invited to RAF Lakenheath (actually a US Airforce base) to talk to a chapel full of American Servicemen and women and then to some of their young people over dinner. General Dannatt, the former Chief of the British Army and some British Army chaplains were there too. We had such great time.

On Sunday, after a telephone interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, we visited Holy Trinity Church. They hosted us brilliantly and in fact nearly bought us out of our entire stock of books. This left us concerned that we would not have any left for the remainder of our stay. But thank you Holy Trinity.

We also spent a fantastic evening of worship with Norwich Family Life Church, where Andrew shared some prophetic words with the congregation and the leadership. These words were incredible confirmation of their plans to re-establish their church in a new location.

A Lecture to Jews and Christians

Picture from Eastern Daily PressMonday was a day spent at the fantastic, beautiful structure of Norwich Cathedral. Here Andrew spoke to many clergy and laymen from Norfolk. On Monday evening Andrew delivered the Annual CCJ Buber lecture on Judaism, to a Christian and Jewish audience in the crowded Cathedral. I became a little concerned when after the lecture Andrew was offered a job by the leader of the Norwich Synagogue….. as the next leader of Norwich Synagogue. Now, Andrew is a keen Hebrew Scholar and for half a second he looked like he may be seriously mulling over idea – but nothing would ever drag Andrew away from his people in Baghdad!

Your Help has Been Incredible

We were so touched by the generosity of all we met, especially as we have had such cash-flow issues recently. Thank you so much for all your support to us, especially in last few weeks. Your prayers and your donations have really made a difference and we find ourselves in a far healthier position, thanks to you.

Would you consider joining us in our Easter Appeal? We really want to encourage as many of our supporters as possible to donate with a standing order. This gives us a stable income upon which we can plan. We can use it especially to pay for the salaries of our Iraqi staff such as our doctors in our Baghdad clinic. They spend their time and energy caring for the sick, often risking their own lives to travel to St George’s in the heart of Baghdad. We are committed to supporting them and you can be too. A small donation of £5 per month will pay for a patient to have a monthly doctor’s appointment or a one-off £100 donation will fund one of our medical staff for a month.

Blessings on behalf of Andrew and I. But thank you to the people of Norfolk, the USA and the churches around Norwich for making us so welcome.

Blessing, Grace and Peace to you,

Nick ……on behalf of Andrew

Other photographs courtesy of the Norwich and Norfolk Christian Community website.

Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Director of Operations
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