Surgery & Celebrations

Surgery and celebrations at St George's in BaghdadDear Friends,

Greetings from Baghdad. We are in the midst of blazing heat, but it is great. Yesterday I had my stem cell treatment. It went very well and for the first time in years I have seen an improvement in my balance. Several people have been asking about the stem cell treatment, so here is some information.

Since I first started my stem cell treatment 3 years ago, over 3700 patients have been treated here at St George’s Clinic. The following conditions have been treated: Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Diabetes, Liver Failure and Spinal Cord Injuries. Over 80% of these patients have significantly improved. read on

Celebrations & Setbacks

Dear Friends,

Greetings and blessings from Baghdad. I am usually very positive when I write from Iraq because I just love it here so much. This last week though has been so difficult, as we have been under huge spiritual opposition. It has been a very difficult time for Faiz and me. Added to this, Faiz has been in hospital in the North and, although he is now back, he is in great pain.

I felt that yesterday we had a big breakthrough when we really realized what was happening. Whenever the Lord is working in power there is much opposition from the devil. Through our G-d we know that we shall act valiantly and that we will win. I JUST PRAISE G-D FOR FAIZ AND OUR TEAM HERE, BUT please do pray for us. We need it. read on

“The Long Bike Ride”


Retired vicar David Post started his “Long Bike Ride” around the Hebrides and Northern Ireland (from his home in Market Rasen) to raise money for St George’s Church and Clinic on 24 May.

David’s family have started a blog about the ride and we encourage you to visit to stay up to date with David’s progress. Please visit the blog and add your support for this amazing effort.

You can make a donation to FRRME and show your support for David’s wonderful efforts by going straight to David’s fundraising page on JustGiving.

We will keep you up to date as we hear from David and his family.


Prayers for healing

After being in the Middle East several weeks I am about to return home. I am desperate to see Caroline and the boys. It has been a very difficult trip not least because of being so ill. The situation with the renal stones flared up and for the first time ever I passed out whilst preaching at the US Embassy. I came round and managed to finish my sermon and then was taken directly to the Embassy Hospital where it was discovered that my renal function was very poor and I was very dehydrated. Once I had treatment at the Embassy and St George’s Clinic I improved somewhat. It was another 5 days before the stones passed and then the pain stopped.

Thank you to for your prayers for healing. read on

June Prayer Calendar

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June 2012 Prayer Calendar

The three P’s

Inside St George's Church in Baghdad, Iraq


We have to provide people with so much food, health care, education and much more. We never know where our support will come from each month but our Lord always provides what we need. Please pray that we may be able to continue to meet these many needs.

The most important thing that we provide is the love of the Almighty. Our most important evangelistic tool continues to be our medical and dental clinic. People receive free treatment and then come to church. We now have so many Muslims in the church that our overflow room cannot any longer hold all of them. We pray that the Lord will provide a way for us to be able to afford air-conditioning for the room. It is now 45C but it will reach 60 by mid summer.

We continue to see our needs in terms of three P’s

  • Protection
  • Provision
  • Perseverance


Though there is very little media coverage about what continues to happen here we continue to be under regular attack, people are killed every day and bombs continually explode. Regularly our people are wounded and killed not because they are targeted but because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our church is surrounded by bomb barricades, and military security barriers. To enter it is to enter the heart of a war zone.

We thank G-d that despite all these difficulties G-d has provided us in our complex with security and so many of our soldiers have come to know Jesus.


It is a miracle that the Lord has enabled us not just to continue in this ministry but to love it. Please pray that no longer will the remaining Christians want to flee the county, but that the lord will enable them to stay and persevere.

Blessings from Baghdad,
Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


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Stem Cell Treatment at St George’s Clinic

As time has passed since I first explained about stem cell treatment, I thought I would post what I just sent to somebody.

All our stem cell treatment is totally scriptural.

We take the stem cells from the patient’s own blood and inject them back into the patients own body. There is no concept of transplantation. We started this treatment here in Baghdad and now have here in the St George’s Church Clinic one of the foremost centres in the world for stem cell treatment. When we used to do the work in Erbil in Kurdistan we even had people coming from the USA and the UK to get treatment they could not get in their own countries.

We use a blood cell separator. Remove the white blood cells, the machine removes the Stem Cells from the white cells. The patient is connected to the machine which goes through their whole blood supply selecting up to 15 mls of Stem Cells. These are then injected into the spine or soft tissue. The results of radical improvement occur overnight. The cells that are injected are very much the cells that create the body in the beginning.

The treatment is not a one off cure and needs to be repeated every 3 months.
Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Director of Operations
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