Update 2 December 2013

Andrew, 2 December 2013Dear Friends,

Greeting and blessings from Baghdad. I am sorry that I have not written properly since I had my stem cell treatment last week. I responded very badly to the treatment, which I presumed was caused by the two litres of plasma I lost in the harvesting of the stem cells.

I managed to take the services this weekend but felt awful so this morning I had my blood checked in the clinic and my haemoglobin is only 9 and not 16 as usual so I am very anaemic.

I have so much work to do to make arrangements for the visit of the Bishop next week and the upcoming meeting of all our religious and political leaders in Cyprus. I am just about to start an iron infusion, please pray.



Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

Prayers for healing

After being in the Middle East several weeks I am about to return home. I am desperate to see Caroline and the boys. It has been a very difficult trip not least because of being so ill. The situation with the renal stones flared up and for the first time ever I passed out whilst preaching at the US Embassy. I came round and managed to finish my sermon and then was taken directly to the Embassy Hospital where it was discovered that my renal function was very poor and I was very dehydrated. Once I had treatment at the Embassy and St George’s Clinic I improved somewhat. It was another 5 days before the stones passed and then the pain stopped.

Thank you to for your prayers for healing. read on

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Update on Andrew’s health

Dear friends,

Many people have been in touch with us regarding Andrew’s health in the last few days and we wanted to update you on his condition.

Andrew has a very painful kidney stone which has been causing him intense renal pain over the past few days. He has recently seen a Nephrologist in Iraq who has told him the stone should pass in the next few days, however we anticipate that this could be very painful for him. We would love for you to join us in surrounding Andrew in prayer and support at this time.

Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Director of Operations
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