Media Summary 6 Feb 2014

This is a new feature that we hope to post every week.  It includes links to recent online items about Iraq.

In this isse we have also included a report from the International Crisis Group which though written in August 2013 nonetheless provides an interesting analysis of events shaping Iraq’s current crisis.

BBC: Iraq violence: Baghdad bomb blasts kill 33

Al Jazeera: Multiple explosions rock Iraqi capital

NINA: Iraqi House Speaker meets with Obama

NINA: Othman: It is time for the House of Representatives and Ministers to discuss and implement the demands of the demonstrators in Anbar

International Crisis Group: Make or Break: Iraq’s Sunnis and the State

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Iraq – part of the unreported world

Channel 4 in the UK recently aired this programme in their ‘Unreported World’ Series on the Baghdad Bomb squad. This is both very interesting viewing and a painful insight into the realities of life for the people in Baghdad.

Iraq's bomb squad - Unreported World from Channel 4

Robert Fisk: Under siege but vicar of Baghdad is still spreading the word

Andrew White got his blue Iraqi badge on Wednesday – the pass that allows him to move around Baghdad. The Anglican Chaplain to Iraq supported the US invasion – he still thinks Saddam shipped his weapons of mass destruction off to Syria before the Anglo-American armies arrived – and as someone who used an American pass to get about, the end of the occupation must have contained a special irony. “From the day the Americans left, their passes didn’t work any more. I couldn’t do anything. But now I’ve got the new Iraqi badge. It’s fine.

Read the full article by Robert Fisk in the Independent (7 April 2012)

Life as it is at St George’s in Baghdad

Dutch language news report on St George’s – really, really very good insight into life at St George’s in Baghdad.

Iraq: Now We Must Learn Our Lesson

Car bomb in Samarra (Reuters)

Car bomb in Samarra (Reuters)

As a Brit. who lives and works in Iraq and have done for many years, this is the very best article I have ever read on the reality of the situation here.

Iraq: Now We Must Learn Our Lesson (Middle East Online)

This story needs to be heard.

We feel forgotten.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


Keeping the Faith

Article on January 2012

Article by Amy Assad in ‘The Majallah’ magazine.

Canon Andrew discusses his unique role as leader of a Baghdad parish.

Read the full article

Insights from Sarah Ahmed, Director of Operations
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