Media Summary 6 Feb 2014

This is a new feature that we hope to post every week.  It includes links to recent online items about Iraq.

In this isse we have also included a report from the International Crisis Group which though written in August 2013 nonetheless provides an interesting analysis of events shaping Iraq’s current crisis.

BBC: Iraq violence: Baghdad bomb blasts kill 33

Al Jazeera: Multiple explosions rock Iraqi capital

NINA: Iraqi House Speaker meets with Obama

NINA: Othman: It is time for the House of Representatives and Ministers to discuss and implement the demands of the demonstrators in Anbar

International Crisis Group: Make or Break: Iraq’s Sunnis and the State

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Update 25 November 2013

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Baghdad.

Whilst the Western world is preparing for the joys and celebrations of Christmas I have to confess there has not even been any mention of the event here apart from the Spiritual. Here the simple concern is how will we get through today. How will we keep away from the continuing violence?

The violence and tragedies of scores of people being murdered each day continue. In the last weeks we expressed concern that the stories here are not even being covered by the press and the BBC say there is compassion fatigue about Iraq. Now as we move towards a national election, the Iraqi Government is also trying to cover up the reality of the escalating violence to increase the chance of the re-election of the current government.

So the reality is that as we approach Christmas we face more danger, violence and poverty than ever. The world has forgotten our immense need and it is harder than ever to get support for Iraq. But there is one thing that we will never forget here and that is: “love came down at Christmas love all lovely love divine.” That is the only thing that keeps us going, that Love came down, its’ name is Jesus and He has never left us.

Can I also ask for your prayers for my next stem cell treatment that will take place tomorrow? The last one did not work as we could not get enough blood.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

Article in the Financial Times

Well if you want to read a good article about my life at home in England, click the link below – it is from the Financial Times on 12 July.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

The Carnage Intensifies

Dear Friends,

I came back to Baghdad early because things were terrible but what I have found is worse than even I could even have ever imagined it. We cannot move even with my police and army security. We have never had to cancel a service but the youth service this evening will be impossible. Even today’s the bombs are exploding scores are being killed and total massacre has been released. Today is the worst war zone I have ever seen. I am told that I will not be able to enter the green zone to take tomorrows US Embassy services, I will I have no idea how but please pray that I can. I simply need a miracle and out G-d specialises in them.

bbc-news-elections-april-2013All this rapid deterioration is because tomorrow we have provincial election. They are only like regional council elections. Is this the so-called democracy? It is fine for people to say we are going to bring democracy to the Middle East. We don’t want it. It does not work here it just causes massive death and destruction. All that works here is G-d and his light, life and love. That is all that gives us hope.

There are no journalists and so no news locally or internationally. I wish you could get news from here but you cant. The news today is shared by face book. With vivid pictures and pictures of friends killed. The news is so so awful that I just want to share one of Al Hassan’s short videos of the wonderful children with me at Church.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad

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July 2012 Prayer Calendar

Iraq: Now We Must Learn Our Lesson

Car bomb in Samarra (Reuters)

Car bomb in Samarra (Reuters)

As a Brit. who lives and works in Iraq and have done for many years, this is the very best article I have ever read on the reality of the situation here.

Iraq: Now We Must Learn Our Lesson (Middle East Online)

This story needs to be heard.

We feel forgotten.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


Keeping the Faith

Article on January 2012

Article by Amy Assad in ‘The Majallah’ magazine.

Canon Andrew discusses his unique role as leader of a Baghdad parish.

Read the full article

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