Updated speaking engagements 21-30 March

Friday 21 March
7:00 – 8:00pm Chapel event, Asbury College (Public event), Lexington

Saturday 22 March
Great Commission Fellowship, Lexington

Sunday 23 March
8.30am Apostles Anglican Church, Lexington
5pm Cornerstone Church, Lexington

Tuesday 25 March
7pm University of Kentucky Christian Student

Wednesday 26 March
10am Indianapolis Regional Pastors Service (Creekside Ministries Building,10501 Hague Rd, Fishers, IN 46038 )
7pm Indianapolis School of Supernatural Ministry (Creekside Ministries Building, 10501 Hague Rd, Fishers, IN 46038)

Thursday 27 March
9am Media (to be confirmed)
7pm Bread of Life Regional Gathering (7510 East County Road 100 North, Avon, IN 46123)

Friday 28Marc
7pm Creekside Ministries Friday Regional Worship Service (10501 Hague Rd, Fishers, IN 46038)

Saturday 29March
7pm Church of Praise Regional Gathering (18686 Eagletown Rd., Westfield, IN 46074)

Sunday 30 March
10am The Life Center Four Square Church/WV-IHOP combined service (3000 College Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47803)
6pm Crawford Country Christian Center Robinson, IL (211 E Main St, Robinson, IL 62454)

UK Speaking Dates will be available shortly. If you would like Canon Andrew to speak at your church, please contact office@frrme.org for further information.

Update 18 March 2014 and US speaking engagements

with the Popovici family in Northern Iraq

Dear friends,

Life has been even more crazy than normal. Having spent the past month in Iraq, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan and Kurdistan I was supposed to now be on my way to the US via the UK but I could not get on the flight from Erbil to Turkey. We arrived with an hour to spare but they would not let us on the plane. So I am still in Erbil waiting to leave in the early hours of the morning.

The work has been to complex and intense involving a variety Middle East issues, many of which are in reality so sensitive that I cannot mention. The fact is that we are working intensively on many of the reconciliation issues.

We met recently with the High Council of Religious Leaders in Iraq in Cyprus. Once again there are many issues we are dealing with unique to some of our colleagues. There is an intense commitment to try and prevent violence from ripping the country further apart. Added to the intensity of the work there has been the major issue of not having a visa to Baghdad therefore at the moment I have had to be in Erbil in the North of Iraq and my colleagues from Baghdad have had to come up to me. Added to the general complexities of our work there has been some very negative coverage of our work with the Jews in Iraqi media, so we very much need your prayers. Please pray that we do get out of Iraq in the morning and can make our way to out meetings in Lexington, Kentucky in the USA.

The programme for our US visit is below for your information. Do come if you are in the area.


Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


March 21: Asbury Seminary, Wilmore,  Estes Chapel 7:00pm

March 22: GCF, Vineyard Church, Wilmore 7:00pm

March 23: Apostles Anglican Church, Lexington 8:30 and 11:00

March 23: Cornerstone Church of Lexington 5:00pm

March 24: All Nations UMC, Nicholasville 7:00pm

March 25: Christian Student Fellowship, UK campus 7:00pm


Mar 26: Cross Tabernacle 7PM

Mar 27: Bread of Life Ministries 7PM

Mar 28: Morning speaking engagement at Indiana State University

Mar 28: Creekside Church Regional Service 7PM

Mar 29: Morning speaking engagement at Bethel Ministry School

Mar 29: Church of Praise Evening Service 6PM

Mar 30: Hoosier Harvest Church 10AM

The Vicar of Baghdad – www.firstthings.com


According to Christian tradition, the apostle Thomas stopped by Baghdad on his way to India and gathered the first Christian congregation there. The ministry of Canon White at St. George’s recalls those apostolic foundations. The congregation sings praises not to “Jesus” but to Yeshua. The Lord’s Prayer is recited in Aramaic, the language in which Jesus gave it to his disciples. Canon White is called abouna, “father” (related to the New Testament word abba), by his parishioners.

You can meet and hear Canon White at the William Wilberforce Weekend , May 2-4, 2014, in Chantilly, Virginia.

Read the full article HERE.

Update from Paul White

We just returned from a week in America. This was time well spent in building new relationships in Florida and Mississippi. The people we encountered on this trip were incredibly friendly and giving. Joining us for this trip was Alice, our intern, and Fulla, one of Andrew’s adopted daughters.

We went first to Pensacola, Florida where Andrew spoke at a conference. The people who attended these meetings were very excited about supporting our work in the Middle East and were very generous. This time was very relaxed compared to the second half of our week, so we were able to recover from our jet-lag quite easily.

We then went on to Gulf Port, Mississippi where Andrew was able to have a few different meetings, including one with a great group of young people.


This trip was able to build some great and hopefully lasting connections between the people of Gulf Port and our church in Baghdad. The support we received for our work in prayer, giving, and encouragement was tremendous.

Then we headed to Vicksburg and Jackson, Mississippi. This was a very busy portion of our trip, but again more great connections were made and we hope to be able to return to that region of the country again very soon.

Thank you everyone who came to our meetings and supported us, and thank you everyone who was praying for a successful trip.

From the Tannenbaum Peace Maker in Action awards

At the moment I am in New York at the biannual meeting of the Tannenbaum Peace Maker in Action award winner. They bring together all the winners of their peacemaker in action prize every two years to work with the UN on the various conflicts they live and work in. There are only 20 of us from some of the greatest areas of conflict in the world such Syria, Nigeria, Israel and Iraq. All week we have heard each other’s stories of enduring terrorism.

It has been so hard and then a friend in Jerusalem sends me the song presented by Shlomo Artzi and his son and it restores hope. Do have a look at it.

Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad
Andrew White

Back to Iraq on 9/11

Dear Friends,

Today it was back to Iraq. As the plane landed I thought to myself “back at home at last”. As we drove though the war torn roads it suddenly dawned on me that today is 9/11. That day of the most terrible destruction, death and brokenness. It may have happened in New York but it changed the world forever. I realise that if it were not for that tragedy I would not be based here now. I was here before that awful day visiting just a few times a year, but it was afterwards that everything changed here forever and just one and a half years later the war begun.

The more that time goes on the more we realise how destroyed this country is by conflict. The original war may be well over but the death and carnage continues. This week alone well over a hundred people have been killed. As I arrived in my room at St George’s people were expressing to me how afraid they were that a Sunni-Shia civil war was breaking out. We cannot deny the reality of this present fear.

Yet in the midst this there is such confidence that the Lord is here and his Spirit is with us. We might be surrounded by terror worse than most people can ever imagine but we are also surrounded by the love of G-d like most people could never imagine. We are corporately so happy because we have the love of Jesus in our heart. As I have said so many times before, when you have lost everything Jesus is all you have left.


Canon Andrew White - the Vicar of Baghdad


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Wheaton Commencement Address

Canon Andrew White - Wheaton Commencement Speech - 2012

Canon Andrew recently spoke at the 2012 commencement ceremony for students at Wheaton College, Illinois.

Download Canon Andrew’s speech in PDF format:  Click here

Watch the recording of Canon Andrew’s speech here.

Article in “Chicago Now” here.


From Canon Andrew

Today is a big day and I need your prayers.

  • First my mother is to have her surgery today, her gall bladder will be removed.
  • Secondly today is a major day as tonight I will be presented with the First Freedom Prize at a major dinner with 250 important people and 10 of my friends.
  • Finally I am soon to be making a DVD that Congressman Wolf will be sending to all the Church leaders asking them to support our work.

I had a very major meeting with Congressman Wolf yesterday and he told me something I have never heard before. He said I was a rock star and every body needs to hear my voice. He then told me that the world needed to hear my message and if I just stayed in Iraq I would be killed soon.

I thanked him for his comments but told him that I would not be leaving my beloved land and people.

canon andrew white signature 200px


Canon Andrew receives International First Freedom Award

Canon Andrew White and friends at the First Freedom Awards ceremony

Reposted from Keith Parkin’s blog.

“The prize giving event yesterday was a wonderful event. Hundreds of people at the prize giving dinner and even lots of friends I did not even know were coming. Amb. Bell the foundation president told me that it by far the best prize giving event in his memory. It was such an honour.” Canon Andrew White

Canon Andrew White, aka the “Vicar of Baghdad”, has been awarded the First Freedom Prize for his outstanding work on Middle East peace initiatives and extremely rare to be awarded to a non-Head of State.  The citation reads:

Canon Andrew White

Dubbed the “Vicar of Baghdad,” The Reverend Canon Andrew White is Vicar of St. George’s Church, the only Anglican Church in Iraq. White is also President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.

Canon Andrew White has built an extraordinary ministry of reconciliation and conflict mediation in the Middle East. In 1998, he was installed as the Director of International Ministry for the Diocese and Cathedral of Coventry. Soon after, White became the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Special Envoy to the Middle East, a very dangerous position in which White’s predecessor, Terry Waite, was kidnapped by Hizbullah and held hostage for over four years.

White was actively involved in the Middle East helping to lead the negotiations during the Siege of the Church of the Nativity in 2002 and helping draft the First Alexandria Declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land, and the Baghdad Religious Accord, both of which were instrumental in bringing together key religious leaders of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. Since 2005, White has worked almost exclusively as the pastor of St. George’s Church in Iraq, and continues his pioneering reconciliation efforts through The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.

In Iraq, Canon White joins his responsibilities of pastoral care with an aggressive interfaith mission to reduce conflict in an insecure environment. The clinic that White’s church sponsors has medical staff from all sects in Iraq and delivers humanitarian relief without regard for the religious or ethnic backgrounds of patients.

White’s standing and reputation with the most senior religious leaders in Iraq has helped him reduce not only violence against Iraq’s increasingly small Christian community, but reduce violence against all Iraqis as well. White uses interfaith dialogue as part of a conflict arbitration strategy in Iraq, trying to gain the trust of key Sunni and Shi’ite Muslim religious leaders as grounds for mediating and re-establishing political dialogue. Through creating relationships of trust and confidence, White has brought together the leaders of the opposing sectarian factions, and his foundation has sponsored a number of high-level peace talks between them. Meetings chaired by White produced the first ever joint Sunni and Shi’ite religious opinion against violence in Iraq, which was read out in at least 80% of the mosques in Iraq.

Too often International Awards and Honours go to unworthy recipients. The Nobel Peace Prize to Obama was a sick joke. The First Freedom Award to Canon Andrew White was a just recognition of his work in the Middle East! Andrew White was accompanied to the Award Ceremony by the lovely Fulla Elia who was looking absolutely stunning!

Previous recipients of this prestigious award include former Czech President Václav Havel for his role in Charter 77 and the Velvet Revolution; as well as three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Father Elias Chacour, founder of Israel’s Mar Elias Educational Institutions.

First Freedom Center is an American institute that seeks to advance the fundamental human rights of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience.

Photos courtesy of Fulla Elia.

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