An update on our relief work in the IDP camps of Northern Iraq


Since the battle for Mosul began last month, the UN estimates that 70,000 civilians have fled the city. Many of these people have spent two years living under the tyranny of Islamic State and have risked their lives to reach safety. Below is an update showing how your donations are helping us to help them.

New all-girls school in Harsham Camp

One of our new projects is an all-girls school in Harsham Camp north of Erbil. This short video from The Associated Press gives you some idea of what the camp is like. While conditions are tough, our new school will provide displaced girls with an education, which in turn will give them a sense of normality and, we hope, a better future. Given the crippling lack of education, particularly in Northern Iraq, we consider this an emergency project. Click on the below image to watch a short video clip of the school.

Click on the image to watch the video
Hot food kitchen in Debaga Camp

Approximately 30,000 people live in Debaga Camp south of Erbil, which is now one of the biggest IDP camps in Northern Iraq. The camp continues to fill up, with thousands more people expected to arrive as the battle for Mosul intensifies. Those who make it there have walked across mine-strewn battlefields and roads and are often in a state of semi-starvation when they arrive. In partnership with the Barzani Charity Foundation, we are feeding thousands of people. The hot food we provide is often the first hot food they have eaten in weeks or even months.

Providing hot food for internally displaced people in Debaga Camp
IDP job creation in Baharka Camp

Baharka is a small camp north of Erbil, although its population has risen considerably in recent months. Tented accommodation is provided by the UN and the majority of the food needs are met by the World Food Programme. However, we supplement the food ration with additional items such as qishta (a type of Iraqi cheese) and fresh bread. In the process, we employ a handful of IDPs who help distribute this food. Job creation is vital as it helps create purpose and gives a small stipend to people who have nothing.

Our team of IDP relief workers in Baharka Camp
Front line relief in Khazir Camp

Khazir is on the outskirts of Mosul, Islamic State’s de facto capital in Iraq. Many of those who arrive at the camp haven’t eaten or drunk anything in days. Many arrive without winter clothes or shoes. The weather is starting to get worse in the region, with sub-zero temperatures possible. Our team in Khazir has been handing out water, food and shoes to the most vulnerable, an act of charity made possible by your continued support.

An Iraqi IDP girl collects qishta and bread from one of our food stations

If you would like to find out more about our work, please visit our website by clicking here, or our Facebook page by clicking here.

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One thought on “An update on our relief work in the IDP camps of Northern Iraq

  1. Thank you for all the work you are doing FRRME. I have supported your work in prayer since I discovered your organisation in 2013. I thank you and will continue to share information about you in the hope that others may be engaged in supporting you. I will share your prayer diary with my Church fellowship group.

    Your work is so important and it enables me to feel like I am doing something to help in the wider world, and I thank you for that too.

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