The UN said this week that more than 300,000 people have fled the besieged city of Mosul. Islamic State militants are reportedly holding the northwestern part of the city, using civilians as human shields. Those who manage to escape show signs of their capture – this week, our team on the ground saw young men shaving their beards off (they were forced to grow beards by Islamic State).

While the eastern half of the city has been liberated, on the ground conditions are terrible. Recent footage shows how desperate the people are for food (click here to watch). People think that because Islamic State is being defeated in Mosul that the situation for its residents is improving. It is not. There are more displaced people than ever and the needs are growing every day.

Dr Sarah Ahmed, our Director of Operations in Middle East, is leading our relief efforts in the region but sadly Iraqi Christians continue to be ignored by the international community. It is only thanks to the charity of Christians in the West that these people are being fed. With your support, the total number of Iraqi Christians we are now feeding is 7,048 (approximately 1,400 families).

This week, as part of her trip to the Middle East, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced a new military training partnership with Jordan, where we are helping a community of Iraqi Christian refugees. Sadly, there was no talk, at least not publicly, of helping those Christians who have been languishing in the country for years waiting for asylum to the West. Perhaps the subject will come up when the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Revd Justin Welby, visits the country in May.

Many of the people we are helping are in a state of limbo. They include doctors, school teachers, civil servants, children; all of whom are forced to live in tents on dusty plains miles from home. Many arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Your precious support through donations helps us to feed and clothe these people. See below for a breakdown of how your donations help.

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