Baghdad has been rocked by more sectarian violence this week. On Monday, a massive car bomb ripped through a packed market in the Shiite district of Sadr City. 12 people were killed and 28 wounded. Despite the danger, we are continuing to deliver aid to members of the congregation at St George’s, the only Anglican Church in Iraq.

The above picture is of an Iraqi Christian woman we are helping called Um Masara. She is a widow with three children, one of whom is autistic and also suffers from epilepsy. The four of them live in the Mansour district of Baghdad. With your support, we have been helping Um Masara and her children for four years now, providing them with food packages and medical assistance at our free health clinic at St George’s Church.

This week, we delivered food supplies to Debaga Camp in northern Iraq where approximately 30,000 internally displaced people live in cramped conditions. The food we delivered included cooking oil, rice, tomatoes, potatoes, fresh chicken, lentils, onions, aubergines, fresh bread and qishta (cheese). The people we fed are Sunni Muslims, the largest displaced group in northern Iraq.

While we are working hard to feed the dispossessed, Islamic State fighters are holed-up around the city of Tel Afar 40 miles west of Mosul. Reuters quoted an Iraqi army officer this week who said that breaching the first line of the militants’ defense in the town of Ayadiya was like opening “the gates of hell”. It is a stark and unsettling reminder that the fighting is not over.

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