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  • The people the American President forgot Since the devastation of northern Iraq by Islamic State, Iraq's Christians have become a forgotten people. Ignored by the UN and the majority of Western governments, they have to fend for themselves or are supported by organisations like FRRME. Last year the Trump administration said it would assist Iraq's [...] CONTINUE READING
  • A Ministry Under Siege St George's Church in Baghdad is a ministry under siege. However, with your support we are helping members of the congregation like Nadira. Nadira is in poor health. She is often breathless and seems exhausted. She has suffered more than most. Originally from Baghdad, she lost her husband in 2005 in [...] CONTINUE READING
  • Last month, Iraqi Kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence. For years they suffered under Saddam Hussein. They have long trumpeted the cause of self-determination. On the back of the referendum, the Kurds declared their own nation state. However, the Iraqi Government in Baghdad said that the vote was unconstitutional and declared the outcome null and void. This […]

  • Dear FRRME supporter, Following the Kurdish independence referendum on 25 September, tensions between the Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil and the Government of Iraq in Baghdad have escalated into a full-blown military standoff. This week, the Iraqi army seized the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in the north of the country (which had been under Kurdish […]