The place where Abrahamic faiths converge

Sadly, after years of negotiations, no lasting peace settlement has been agreed in the Holy Land. Israel and the Palestinian territories remain at loggerheads, with sectarian violence always around the corner.

Recently, there has been talk of a third Intifada (Palestinian uprising) in the news. Worryingly, groups even more extreme than Hamas, are now exerting their influence over Gaza, most notibly ISIS in the Sinai.

Our CEO, Mike Simpson, previously worked in the West Bank and is keen to resume the charity’s work there. The West Bank is the only place safe enough for us to work when it comes to the Palestinian territories.

Jerusalem is also in the news again following President Trump’s declaration that it is the capital of Israel. Most Israeli Jews already believe this. However, many Muslims have taken offence. For them, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem marks the spot where Muhammad ascended to heaven. Christians also venerate the city as the place of Christ’s crucifixion. It is so important to understand the complexities of this holy city as it is where the three major Abrahamic faiths converge.

One of our previous projects (which we hope to resurrect) is our Jerusalem International School of Reconciliation (JISR). This was a week-long event which introduced an international audience to the power and methods of reconciliation. Speakers included former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, and Sheikh Imad Falouji, a former founding member of Hamas.

Our focus this past year has been on Iraq and working with Iraqi refugees. However, we aim to develop some new partnerships in the Holy Land in the near future. Watch this space.