Helping the internally displaced in Iraq

We help thousands of Iraqi refugees in the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. We deliver supplies of fresh food to a number of UN camps on a monthly basis. The majority of the people in these camps are Sunnis, most of whom refuse to submit to ISIS’ extreme interpretation of Islam. Some of these camps also host minority groups including Shabaks and Yazidis. In addition to food, we provide cradles, air conditioning units, fan heaters, blankets, toiletries, fuel, and school textbooks for children.

Iraqi Christians are noticeably absent from the UN camps. Most of the Christian refugees are sheltering in churches, none of which receives international aid. Instead, the Christians rely almost entirely on the charity of Christian NGOs such as FRRME. Our mission is to maintain a high level of support for them. To this end, we will continue to provide monthly funding to our church partners in Erbil. Our partners are the Syrian Orthodox and Armenians churches. This money helps feed thousands of refugees, many of whom are still waiting to return to their homes in the Nineveh Plain.

Helping Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan 

In Jordan we are working with four church partners to provide assistance to over 1,100 Iraqi Christian refugee families, many of whom fled Daesh in 2014. The support we give varies depending on the family but includes food packages, coupons which can be used to buy food and other domestic items, and money for rent. As is the case in Iraq, the Christians have avoided the camps and have sought refuge among their own. They are not permitted to work (this is due to high levels of domestic unemployment) which makes their situation difficult. Most have applied for asylum to the West – currently Australia is the only country offering asylum to Iraqi Christians – but asylum applications can take years.