Free medical care for people of all faiths

St George’s is the only Anglican church in Iraq and is the keystone of our work. Thanks to your support, we are able to fully fund a free health clinic in the church grounds. In keeping with our non-sectarian approach, the clinic treats people of all faiths. Here are some fast facts about the clinic:

  • Around 2,000 patients come to the clinic every month at no cost.
  • If a patient needs major surgery, St George’s will try and find a way to pay for it.
  • The clinic includes a dentist, a pharmacy and a laboratory.
  • The staff at the clinic include Christians and both Sunni and Shia Muslims.
  • It costs approximately £12,000 a month to keep St George’s clinic operating.

In a country blighted by corruption, inefficiency and sectarian division, St George’s seeks to serve others in a practical way. In offering services for no payment, St George’s clinic can bypass any opportunity for funds to be mishandled and people to be denied treatment for financial reasons.

Our aim is for the clinic at St George’s to be a beacon of medical excellence. The medical team includes Christian and Muslims – all local Iraqis – who want to see their community reconciled. They work side-by-side to provide free health care for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or ethnicity.

The beauty of the clinic is that everything is under one roof. Patients can see a doctor, a dentist, have lab tests and collect presciption medicine, all at one place on the same day. Even the local hospital now refers patients to us!