St George’s Church in Baghdad, the only Anglican church in Iraq

St George’s Church in Baghdad is the keystone of our work in the Middle East. The current building was constructed in 1936 to commemorate those who died in the First World War and also to serve soldiers of the British Empire who were stationed in Baghdad. Over the years the church fell into disuse but was reopened after Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003.

Today the church is ministered by the Revd Faiz Jerjees, the first Iraqi to be ordained in the Anglican church, and serves a congregation of roughly 300. The church was bombed by terrorists a few years ago and is now protected by concrete bollards, security gates, and armed guards. With your support, we are assisting the community there. We provide food packages to the most needy, as well as rental assistance.

St George's Church viewed from the side
Our CEO, Mike Simpson, speaking to the congregation at St George's in February 2018

A medical clinic for people of all faiths

Thanks to your support, we are able to fully fund a free medical clinic in the church grounds. In keeping with our non-sectarian approach, the clinic treats people of all faiths. Here are some fast facts about the clinic:

  • Around 80 patients come to the clinic every day (the clinic is open 4 days a week).
  • The clinic includes a dentist, a pharmacy and a laboratory.
  • The staff at the clinic include Christians and both Sunni and Shia Muslims.
  • It costs approximately £14,000 a month to keep St George’s clinic operating.

Our aim is for the clinic at St George’s to be a beacon of medical excellence. The team there includes Christians and Muslims – all local Iraqis – who want to see their community reconciled. They work together to provide free health care for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or ethnicity.

The beauty of the clinic is that everything is under one roof. Patients can see a doctor, a dentist, have lab tests, and collect prescription medicine, all at one place on the same day. Even the local hospital now refers patients to the clinic.

The medical team at St George's Clinic

A kindergarten (and hopefully a school)

The kindergarten at St George’s caters for a mixture of Christian and Muslim children. The church hopes to secure funding for the completion of a primary school on the church grounds.

The Revd Faiz Jerjees, Chaplain of St George's, in front of the primary school which is under construction