Understanding disaster

‘Voices of Iraq’ is our new project. It is a platform upon which the Iraqi refugees in our care can tell their stories. Shockingly, 3 million people are still displaced in Iraq, although many are now trying to return home. Some have described it as the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. It is a disaster of almost Biblical proportions.

But how do we in the West understand such an event? News programmes show us wide-angle shots of refugee camps. They show us nameless people trudging through the desert. They lead with statistics. This gives us a sense of scale but often the plight of the individual is lost under thick layers of generality.

Watch our Voices of Iraq trailer...

Bringing the individual to the fore

We believe that persecuted Iraqi minorities, particularly the Christians, are being ignored. Their suffering is rarely of interest to those outside of the Christian and specialist media. Christianity is one of the oldest religions in Iraq and yet it seems now to be in terminal decline. Since 2003, over a million Christians have fled the country. To highlight this important issue, we will share powerful individual testimonies with the world. In doing so, we hope the plight of Iraqi Christians will get the attention it deserves.

Watch our ‘Voices of Iraq’ trailer

A brilliant young filmmaker called Sam Davis is working on a film for our ‘Voices of Iraq’ project. This film will be longer over time as Sam and our team film interviews with refugees in Erbil and Baghdad. To watch the trailer click on the image above or on this link.