The battle for Mosul continues. Reuters reports this week that Islamic State is shelling parts of the city it has lost to Iraqi Government forces in a deliberate attempt to kill civilians. Those who make it out of the city alive either walk east to Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, or west to Rojava, Syria’s Kurdish region.

Children collecting a food ration

We are operating in Iraqi Kurdistan, providing food to thousands of Christians and other victims of sectarian violence. While IDP camps in the region offer relative safety, there are no schools for the children which is why we set up a girls school in Harsham Camp north of Erbil. We recently delivered new benches to the school, as well as a large consignment of food and bottled water.

Benches being delivered to the girls school in Harsham Camp
Red lentils, rice and tinned tomatoes being delivered
Cooking lunch for IDPs

The latest UN figures show that there are 3.1 million internally displaced people in Iraq, with 10 million in need of humanitarian assistance. We cannot help everyone, but with your support we are reaching a significant number of the most vulnerable.

FRRME in the press

Christian Today published an article last week about our work in Iraq. This followed the publication of our New Year mission statement which included a story about the hundreds of Iraqi Christians who attended Christmas service at St George’s Church in Baghdad. Please click on the image below to read the article.

Samara’s Aid Appeal: Collectors Needed!

Samara’s Aid Appeal (one of our partners) urgently needs individuals, churches and schools to collect winter clothes to send to some of the 3.1 million IDPs in Iraq.

Many are sheltering in tents, animal sheds and unfinished buildings with windows, doors and walls missing. Some have entire walls missing. It is as cold inside these structures as it is outside, and some of these families have babies and young children. Many of these families fled from their homes with just the clothes they were wearing, and people continue to be displaced. They have lost everything they own and are starting from scratch.

Each winter thousands of displaced children and vulnerable adults die of hypothermia in these settings. You can help save lives and show unconditional love to these traumatised people by collecting bedding, clothes and shoes in your community and sending them to Samara’s Aid Appeal.

For more information about how you can help, please watch the short video below and request an information pack before you begin:

How you can help FRRME

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Alternatively, you can make a donation to The Winter Crisis Appeal for Iraqi Refugees by clicking here.

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