“ISIS Burns 3 Women Alive for Refusing to Slaughter Innocent Civilians” read  a news story in the Christian Post last Saturday. The message was clear: civilians trapped in the western half of Mosul are being used as pawns in an obscene fight to the death, killed in horrendous ways, or forced to kill others.

While this is happening, we are continuing to feed thousands of people who have fled the city and surrounding area, many of them children. Below are some photos of the children you have helped to feed (taken this week). On their behalf, thank you.

Is the West doing enough to help persecuted Christians in Iraq?

We participate in a caucus of Christian charities and NGOs which regularly meets to discuss the plight of the persecuted church in Iraq. This week, we met with Stephen Rasche, aid coordinator in the archdiocese of Erbil, who updated us on the situation facing Christians in Iraq. The news was stark:

  • The number of Christians in Iraq has fallen from 1.5 million in 2003 to around 200,000 today.
  • Of the $900 million in relief provided by the US through the UN, none has found its way to the Christians because the UN judges that they are receiving help from elsewhere.
  • The cost of rebuilding Christian villages destroyed by ISIS in northern Iraq could exceed £160 million.

FRRME trustee, Christopher Segar, who attended the meeting, said: “If there were stronger voices from Christian leaders [in the West] it would make our work much easier.” This is indeed the case. To read an article about the meeting please click here.

Support your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ

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