From the blood-soaked plains of northern Iraq to the dusty backstreets of Jordan, the 700 Iraqi Christian families in our care have lived through hell. It is thanks to your support that they still have hope. Please read on for the latest update and please make a donation (giving options at the bottom of this update).

Summer camp at the Assemblies of God Church

Our Iraqi refugee children have been attending summer camp at the various churches we partner with in Jordan. At the Assemblies of God Church in Madaba, a city to the south of the capital Amman, the children spent the day singing, laughing, playing, and learning about Jesus and his love for them. Aptly, Madaba is twinned with Bethlehem and has become a haven for Iraqi Christians since Islamic State invaded their homeland in the summer of 2014.

Summer camp at the Greek Catholic Church

At the Greek Catholic Church in Fuheis, which is run by the indefatigable Father Bolis, the children showed off their creativity, drawing pictures of Jesus.

They also made toys out of paper mache. This might seem perfectly normal until you consider that Islamic State banned toys in its territory. It is only in the last few weeks that dolls and teddy bears have gone on sale again in Mosul.

It is hard to be a child when you don’t have a home but through our church partnerships in Jordan, we are doing what we can to give the refugee children in our care a sense of normality as well as a place to practice their Christian faith. Please continue supporting this work.

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