I recently met with an Iraqi woman and her four beautiful children. They are originally from Qaraqosh (Iraq’s largest Christian town). I’ve met with her several times before but this time, over qahwah and sweets, she shared her harrowing testimony. She gave me permission to share this with you.

When ISIS came to Qaraqosh, the woman was heavily pregnant. She thought they would be slaughtered for being Christian (as others were) but by God’s grace she, her husband and their children escaped to an IDP camp in Erbil. They lived in a cramped unit with eight other families for three tumultuous years, surviving sub-zero temperatures in winter and 50 degree heat in summer.

It should be borne in mind that IDP camps are not always safe places. The camp the woman and her family ended up in offered Tae Kwon Do classes for the children (to give them something to do). Her son, who was 9 years old at the time, loved going to the class. However, the instructor molested him. The family did not find out until he refused to go to class again. To this day, he has terrible nightmares and still suffers physical pain.

At the end of what they could endure, the family borrowed money and flew to Jordan. Living conditions in Jordan are much better (they live in a tiny apartment) but they still face enormous struggles. The woman’s husband toils as a handyman 7 days a week, for which he is paid a meager $10 a day. It is not enough to feed the family.

We are feeding the woman and her family every month. We give them vouchers which they can spend in the local supermarket. Without this, they would starve. Despite the hardship, their faith in Jesus and the kindness of fellow Christians sustains them. They are so very grateful for your support.

We are assisting 700 Iraqi Christian families in Jordan. Please support our mission with a donation – see giving options below. 

Helena Scott

Project Officer in Jordan

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