The people the American President forgot

Since the devastation of northern Iraq by Islamic State, Iraq’s Christians have become a forgotten people. Ignored by the UN and the majority of Western governments, they have to fend for themselves or are supported by organisations like FRRME.

Last year the Trump administration said it would assist Iraq’s beleaguered Christians. There was much fanfare following the announcement. However, a year later and Iraqi Christians have yet to receive the urgent funding needed to rebuild their shattered lives. This despite the fact that many homes were destroyed by US-backed airstrikes.

In the face of much public criticism, Vice President Mike Pence this week announced that the Trump administration will not tolerate delays to aid provision. USAID Administrator, Mark Green, has been ordered to Iraq to personally address the needs. We sincerely hope the funding which was promised gets to those who need it.

A ministry under siege

One group of people who will unlikely receive any funding is the congregation of St George’s Church in Baghdad.  Not being in the combat zone of northern Iraq, they are unlikely to qualify. However, it is a ministry under siege and desperately needs support. To let St George’s sink would be to extinguish the only Anglican church in Iraq.

We are supporting the poorest members of the congregation at St George’s with direct financial assistance. We are also the main funders of the St George’s Medical Clinic. If you would like to support this or any of our other projects, please see the giving options below.

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