With your help, FRRME is bringing hope to Iraqi refugees, including thousands of persecuted Christians. We want to enable those who have suffered so much under ISIS to move forward from that trauma. May I implore you to help in any way you can towards our £250,000 appeal (details of how to give are at the end of this update). £30 pays for a Christmas food package. Larger donations will help towards:

  • Trauma counselling, particularly for children
  • English language and skills training
  • Continuing refugee support for those too afraid to return
  • Business development opportunities for those who go back to their villages

Please take a moment to read the stories of those we are helping (see below). Thank you so much for your support, it makes all the difference.

Mike Simpson, CEO

Mariam is a Christian girl from a town in northern Iraq called Qaramless. In 2007, al Qaeda killed her grandfather and threatened to kill anyone who buried the body. Thankfully, Mariam’s uncle was able to recover her grandfather’s body. Mariam and her family then fled Erbil where they were forced to live in a cemetery. Eventually, the local church gave them a tiny, windowless house to live in. Things changed for the better in 2015 when they were able to come to Jordan where we are helping them with rental assistance.

Before fleeing to Jordan, Salim lived in Qaraqosh for forty years with his family. When ISIS came, they blew up the churches and dug tunnels all over the city. Sadly, Salim doesn’t think the churches can be cleaned or restored. Despite this, he tells us he is called by his faith to forgive: “Jesus Christ told us to love our enemies. This is what Iraqi Christians will do.”

Juliette is an elderly, disabled woman who lives with her two sisters (also disabled) and her middle-aged son in a tiny flat in Madaba. The sisters are immobile most of the time but can leave the flat with the right assistance and by using their walkers. They fled Iraq after ISIS burned down their house, leaving them with nothing. Juliette was separated from her children and grandchildren during the escape but thanks to a network of churches in Jordan, she was later reunited with them. We are providing Juliette and her family with money for rent.

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