As a registered charity, we take our governance very seriously and insist on strong oversight to ensure we are fulfilling our mission. One way this happens is when our trustees visit our projects on the ground to see for themselves how your donations are continuing to make a positive impact. Below is a report from Christopher Segar, who served as Head of Mission in Iraq for the British Government between 2003 – 2004, and now serves as one of our trustees.

Our ongoing work in Jordan

Christian families continue to arrive in Jordan from war-torn Iraq. Most families hope of emigrating to Australia or Canada but this can take a long time. Pastor You, one of the church leaders we are working with in Amman, estimates that the average wait is 2 ½ years, and families need about 10,000 Jordanian Dinar (£12,000 / $15,000) per year to keep going. Given the terrible persecution they have suffered, very few families plan to return to Iraq.

The congregation at Pastor You’s Assemblies of God Church

The Assemblies of God Church is a “house church” run by Pastor You, his wife and two small sons on the ground floor of their villa in Madaba, an ancient town southwest of Amman. During our visit, we attended the monthly distribution of food coupons which are provided for by FRRME and cost £15 / $19 per family. Around 70 families in Madaba receive these coupons and the process is handled meticulously by Mrs You and her assistants.

Christopher Segar with Sarah Ahmed (FRRME Director of Operations) and Pastor Zaki Copti

Zaki Copti pastors the Nazarene Church in Gardens, a district of Amman long popular with Iraqi expatriates. There is a lively service on Sunday evenings (which is a working day in Jordan) with more than 100 people attending. The large villa has been adapted to provide facilities for the increasing numbers of Iraqi refugee families. Our regular food package contributions are much appreciated, as was the late delivery of Christmas Cards we handed out at the end of the service (written by our supporters in the US).

Father Immanuel of the Syrian Orthodox Church

Our biggest church partner in Jordan is the Syrian Orthodox Church and Father Emmanuel. Our partnership with him and his church in Sweifieh remains strong and we continue to feed more than 500 families there to the tune of £4,000 / $5,000 per month. We are also maintaining our relationship with Father Bolis at the Greek Catholic Church in Fuhais, although Father Bolis is currently in Australia.

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