Thousands of innocent civilians, many of them children, are fleeing the war-torn streets of Mosul. According to the latest UN figures, over 195,000 people are currently being sheltered in 21 camps on the outskirts of the city. Our team on the ground has visited two of these camps – Khazir and Chamakor – delivering food and water to thousands of starving and displaced people.

While many hope for an end to the war in Northern Iraq, extreme sectarian violence has become the norm, with rival groups fighting for power and land. Consequently, the humanitarian crisis in the region has grown exponentially with over 3 million people displaced from their homes, with 1 million people needing daily humanitarian assistance.

As a Christian charity, our calling is to help the dispossessed regardless of creed. Through our unique partnership with the Syrian Orthodox and Armenian churches in Northern Iraq, as well as our partnership with the Bishara organisation, we continue to feed 5,000 families every month (this includes Christians, Muslims and Yazidis).

Through our partnership with four churches in Jordan, we are supporting hundreds of Iraqi Christian families who have fled to Amman and are waiting for asylum in the West (a process which can take up to 3 years). In addition to monthly food packages, we also provide money for sheltered accommodation.

As a registered charity we operate within the framework set out by the Charity Commission for England and Wales (our charity number is 1133576). As a registered charity, your donations also qualify for Gift Aid. In 2016, we raised an additional £108,511 in Gift Aid from the donations made to us. This money equates to an extra 650 emergency food packages per month.

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