Meet Raed. He is the owner of the large chicken farm in Qaraqosh, northern Iraq, restored with funds provided by FRRME. This is of course all thanks to you our donors in the UK and the USA. The farm is part of our successful Nineveh SEED programme. Completed at the end of 2019, the project set the farm back up with the buildings and tools necessary. It now provides jobs for young people and has given a much needed boost to the local economy. The farm, once thriving, was completely destroyed by ISIS, who also stole all the chickens and equipment.

This footage, sent through from our Programme Manager, Abdulrahman shows inside the project like you’ve not seen before. Watch the video now:

Meet Raed on site at the Chicken Farm Project

Our Partners on the Project

The project was funded by FRRME in the UK, in partnership with FRRME America, our sister charity. It was delivered working with a local NGO, all overseen by Abdulrahman, FRRME’s Programme Director in Iraq.

Abdulrahman interviewed Ghanem Elias, of Al-Zhaitoun, the NGO on the ground who we partnered with on this project. He speaks below:

Together with FRRME, Al-Zhaitoun “has rehabilitated the Chicken Farm in Qaraqosh, which is one of the largest chicken farms in the region as it has capacity for 9,000 chickens. It has provided job opportunities for more than 15 people.”

He goes on: “All these farms were destroyed by ISIS terrorist gangs. There are dozens of farms like this which need rehabilitation, from chicken farms to sheep breeding fields. Huge thanks to FRRME and to all their supporters and friends loyal to it… Thank you very much.”

Our chicken farm project helps whole families to sustain their lives back in the Nineveh Plain

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