A miracle in Baghdad?

St George’s Clinic in Baghdad is miraculous. In a country riven by sectarianism, Christian and Muslim doctors work side-by-side to treat the sick regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation. The new Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, recently told staff at the clinic: “There is nowhere else like this in Iraq”. The team, which also includes pharmacists and dentists, work under the threat of recrimination. Please watch our 5 minute film to meet the brave men and women who work there.   

Today is World Health Day, a reminder that healthcare is not available in many parts of the world. This is certainly the case in Iraq. Even before the 2003 invasion, hospitals and clinics were in a state of terminal decline. In his last decade in power, Saddam cut healthcare funding by 90%. Thousands of Iraqis died of preventable diseases. In the wake of this, St George’s Clinic was founded to provide healthcare to some of the poorest people in Baghdad, including those with disabilities, widows and orphans. 

Please support the clinic this Easter

St George’s Clinic exists primarily thanks to charitable donations. If you wish to support the clinic this Easter, please visit our donate page (there are numerous options for how to donate). Or you can send us a cheque made out to ‘FRRME’ to: FRRME, PO Box 229, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 9DL, United Kingdom. Thank you.