Praise for Voices of Iraq

“It was great to see the success of the Voices of Iraq launch here at Westminster Abbey” – The Revd Canon Anthony Ball

“An incredible film capturing the real essence of the Iraqis’ plight” – Angela Lewis, photographer and guest at the Voices of Iraq premiere at Westminster Abbey

“Every picture in this film is realistic, it happened… We lived in indescribable pain,  we cry for our homeland and for our friends. We thank the Lord Jesus for his support, He gives us strength and patience to bear all this pain. Thank you to FRRME and its supporters for helping us” – Iraqi Christian refugee in Jordan 

 “The film is outstanding. Jesus continues in our lives and always in our hearts and He is with us from the moment we left Iraq until this day. I would like to thank everyone who supports us. Your support is sent by Jesus” – Iraqi Christian refugee in Jordan

Moved to tears by our film

Last week we told you about the screening of our new film Voices of Iraq at a church attended by Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan. We interviewed some of them for the film. Seeing their plight on the big screen moved them to tears. Telling their story, when so much of the mainstream media has ignored it, is part of our advocacy work. We want to show the world that this ancient Christian community, one of the oldest in the world, needs help, both from Western governments and individual supporters.

Since the defeat of Islamic State on the battlefield, the group has become a nebulous force. This week, it claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on Shi’ite pilgrims in the northeastern Iraqi city of Khanaqin. Despite the continued threat of violence, thousands of Christians have returned to their ancestral home of Nineveh in the north of Iraq. They are breathing life back into their devastated villages. With your support, we are funding this effort, working with trusted partners on the ground to provide much-needed investment to Christians and other minorities caught up in the conflict.

Help us share their plight

Sadly, the refugees in Jordan say they are too afraid to return to Iraq. Many have witnessed atrocities, some have lost relatives, some were intimidated or kidnapped. They live in fear that sectarian divisions will boil over into more bloodletting and terrorism. The terrible misery and implosion that has befallen Iraq in recent years is too much for them to bear. Their hope is to emigrate to Australia, which appears to be the only Western country taking Iraqi Christians with open arms. Whether they stay in Jordan as refugees, or build new lives abroad, all have been strengthened by their faith and the generosity of our supporters.

Since the premiere of Voices of Iraq at Westminster Abbey in September, we have shown the film at churches in London, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Somerset. In the weeks before Christmas, there will be other screenings including Sheffield and Northamptonshire. We warmly invite you to an evening screening of the film at our home base in Petersfield, Hampshire, on Thursday 13th December. Light refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP if you would like to attend (contact details below). Interest in Voices of Iraq is building. Christians in the UK want to know about the plight of their Iraqi brothers and sisters, and about how they can help. If you would like to show the film at your church, please get in touch with us – / 01730 267 673.

Supporting our work in the Middle East

To make a donation now visit the donate page on our website (there are numerous options for how to donate). Or you can send us a cheque made out to ‘FRRME’ to: FRRME, PO Box 229, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 9DL, United Kingdom. To support our future work, please consider leaving a legacy (more info about that here). Thank you!