St George’s Clinic

Iraq used to have one of the best healthcare sectors in the Middle East. But decades of war and sanctions have left it in ruins. These days, complicated surgeries often have to be performed in other countries. There is a shortage of vital drugs and seeing a doctor can cost hundreds of dollars. For those in need, it is a desperate situation.

At St George’s in Baghdad, there is hope for the sick. With your support, we are funding a medical clinic in the church grounds which treats around 80 patients a day. The staff at the clinic are Christian and Muslim and help people from all walks of life. Watch exclusive footage of the clinic by clicking on the link above. For more videos of our work, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Working together is an act of reconciliation

Revd Faiz Jerjees, who is the Chaplain of St George’s Church, spoke to us about why the clinic is so important:

“We opened the clinic in 2007 and this was the first clinic that was free for all groups in Iraqi society – Muslims and Christians, and different sects and religions. Since then, the clinic has been supported by The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.

“There are many goals for this clinic. Among these goals is not just to treat people, we offer a message of love to all of Iraqi society. This is also a kind of coexistence and reconciliation through this work. It also gives us the feeling of our humanity that we do humanitarian work throughout this country and this is the reality of our message.”

The World Health Organisation this week warned that nearly one million people in Iraq are without access to basic medicines and health care. A spokesperson said that “support for health services has drastically declined since the end of the Mosul campaign just over a year ago.” That being said, the needs are greater than ever.

St George’s Clinic is one of our oldest projects. In a country torn apart by sectarian violence, it is a rare example of people of different faiths working together. However, without your support the clinic would not exist. Please support the clinic by making a donation (see giving options below). It is a project which continues to change lives for the better.

Making a donation

To support St George’s Clinic or any of our other projects, please visit the donate page on our website (there are numerous options for how to donate) or send us a cheque made out to ‘FRRME’ to: FRRME, PO Box 229, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 9DL, United Kingdom.