The medical team at St George’s Clinic in Baghdad continues to treat people of all faiths despite the recent spate of sectarian bombings. Since the retaking of Mosul in the north of the country by the Iraqi army, the capital has been subjected to frequent attacks by Islamic State. The security situation has been made worse still by the fallout from the Kurdish independence referendum which has seen fighting between Kurdish separatists and Iraqi security forces. Despite this, the Christian and Muslim staff at the clinic continue to work together to provide the best health care possible.

Meet Fatin. She is a Christian and the head receptionist at the clinic. She lives with her parents in a modest home. Along with her brother Fareed, who is a security guard at St George’s Church, she takes care of her elderly parents. Her father was recently diagnosed with cancer and, with your support, we are helping with the cost of his treatment.

This is Sara. She is a Muslim and a pharmacist at the clinic. Her parents died when she was very young and she put her life on hold to support her younger siblings, working multiple jobs to put them through school. Sara works very hard but her salary doesn’t cover everything so we provide her with £115 ($150) a month in rental assistance.

New hope for the persecuted Christians of Iraq

A crucifix embedded in the wall of St George’s Church in Baghdad

As a Christian charity, we are called to help the displaced and the dispossessed regardless of creed. However, as we have repeatedly highlighted in these updates, the aid that Western governments give to the UN does not reach the Christians. This is because Christians in Iraq cannot go to UN camps for fear of being targetted by other groups. Instead, they seek shelter in churches and rely on the charity of fellow Christians in the West.

Thankfully, this is starting to change. Having listened to the concerns of church leaders, the US government recently announced that it would provide direct financial support to persecuted Christians and other minorities via its aid-giving arm, USAID. Sadly, the British government has yet to follow suit. It’s position continues to be “take it up with the UN”. Rest assured we will continue to make representations to decision makers at the highest levels of government in the hope they will change their approach.

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