At FRRME, we remember 29th June 2014 very clearly. This was the day the IS Caliphate was declared in the Great Mosque in Mosul. Three years of suffering have followed – the persecution of religious minorities, including the indigenous Christian population of Iraq, the destruction of civil society, and the condemnation of IS genocide by the UK Parliament, US Government, and European Parliament. Thankfully, charities have risen magnificently to the challenge of providing support to the persecuted, particularly the Christians of Iraq whose number has dwindled significantly.

The desecrated baptismal font at the Church of the Immaculate Conception 
in the Christian town of Qaraqosh near Mosul

Last week, along with other NGOs and 60 representatives from the Iraqi Christian community, MEPs from the EPP group in the European Parliament invited us to attend a conference titled: ‘A Future for Christians in Iraq’. The focal point was the establishment of a safe zone in the Nineveh Plain where Iraqi Christians can live free from persecution. The Kurdish Regional Government, a key player in reconstruction talks, has been hospitable and supportive, with a large displaced Christian population already residing in its territory, and with additional IDPs from Baghdad also welcomed. With IS on the verge of defeat in Mosul, 40% of Iraqi Christians now wish to return home (up from 3% in 2016) but there are fears for their security. After much discussion, an agreement was signed at the conference which fully supports Iraqi Christians’ right to return home. This is a major political step forward.

Iraqi Christian leaders and MEPs hold hands in solidarity at the European Parliament

While there is new political support for Iraq’s beleaguered Christian community, their return to the Nineveh Plain will take time to implement as homes and businesses have been destroyed. In the meantime, with your support, we will continue to provide for the Iraqi refugees in our care.

Bible study class for the children of the Nazarene Church in Amman

In June, we contributed £2,710 / $3,500 to the Nazarene Church in Amman, which is one of four church partners we are working with in Jordan. This money helped feed 263 refugee families, 90% of which are Christian. Our support also pays for activities for the refugees, including Bible study and play group for the children. As of this week, our Project Officer in Jordan, Helena Scott, is teaching English to the children. As you can see below, they enjoyed their first lesson!

Children at Helena Scott’s English class

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