Relief in the Heat

After the heat, what next? Here in the UK we have been enjoying (or for some – suffering) the hottest days of 2020. Temperatures have reached 28c to 33c this week. When you have no air-conditioning it becomes difficult to concentrate. More cold drinks and ice cream are required! Sleeping at night is not easy […]

“With Bread all Sorrows are Less”

This week we update you on the story of the new bakery we established in Qaraqosh, the main Christian town in the Nineveh Plain of northern Iraq. It is one of our Nineveh SEED job-creation projects, funded by donations and grants. In this case we give thanks for the generosity of the Highway One Trust […]

An Iraqi Woman on a Mission

Leka is one of thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan shining a light in the darkness of this pandemic. On her donated sewing machine, she’s making masks so that hundreds of families can safely leave their homes and attend church. Leka and her team of mask-making heroes have brought joy and protection to their […]

Sewing Hope and Love in Jordan

This week’s update takes us to Jordan once again. The stoic heart of the refugee community is inspiring in face of the global pandemic. We’re calling them ‘The Mask Heroes of Madaba’! Two weeks ago, we told you about the innovation of the refugees who are transforming the area around the Olive Tree Centre to […]

Update from St George’s, Baghdad

It’s a long update this week, but we think very important.Hopefully you will have time to read it. The challenging context of the work at St George’s in Baghdad The Coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll in lives and livelihoods across most of the world. In Iraq the official numbers are lower than many countries, […]

Seeds of Hope in Jordan

Helena Scott, our Jordan Country Director and our ‘Love Ambassador to Jordan’ writes… Despite Coronavirus we continue to bring vital support to thousands of refugees here. They continue to be resilient. Perhaps, most importantly, they remain hopeful. They teach me daily that faith, patience, fortitude, friendship and hope for better times ahead will overcome the fear of […]

Sending More Love and Hygiene Packs for Refugees

How your support has helped provide more love and more hygiene packs for refugee camps in this virus-crisis. As you may have read, FRRME are providing thousands of people in refugee camps with boxes of hygiene products including soap. We hope to help them prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This week we thought we […]

Hope, Help and Healing on film

New 2 minute video – our response to COVID-19 We wanted to tell you a bit about how we have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic….. Thank you everyone who has continued to support our work in Iraq and Jordan through these difficult times. It is SO APPRECIATED by all the refugees and the other vulnerable […]

We act to provide hygiene packs for refugee camps

Imagine that you lived in a refugee camp, having been forced out of your home and your country due to war or terrorism. You have lost everything. Now you are faced with the Coronavirus pandemic. How can you keep your kids clean? Will the disease spread in the camp and infect your elderly parents? How […]

Young Iraqi refugees set up ‘The Hope’ online group

Young Iraqi women from our Olive Tree Centre in Jordan have come up with a wonderful idea for tackling the isolation and mental health issues arising from the Coronavirus lockdown. They set up an online group called ‘The Hope’, accessible from mobile phones. The photograph above was taken on the evening of the Centre’s opening […]

We Won’t be Beaten by Coronavirus

Our Love Message to Iraq and Jordan We support nearly 7,000 Iraqi refugees in Jordan and thousands of people in Iraq “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13 v 13 The following message (in Arabic) has been sent to our church partners in […]

Live Update from our Love Ambassador to Jordan

Helena Scott, our Jordan Country Director, sent us this update on Friday morning… Last year, the opening of the Olive Tree Centre in Madaba, Jordan was a pivotal moment for FRRME and the refugee community we support. The Centre is focused on our mission to bring ‘hope, help and healing’ to the refugees. The excitement […]

Our Love Ambassador to Jordan

FRRME CEO Mike Simpson writes: Helena Scott is our amazing Jordan Country Director. She is jointly funded by us and our sister charity in the USA, FRRME America. Helena is the key person delivering our vital support to thousands of refugees at this time of the Coronavirus. I call her our ‘Love Ambassador’, spreading the […]

Imagine having no health care at this time!

If we in the UK and USA are anxious about Coronavirus, imagine how the people we support in Jordan and Iraq are feeling. Most have no access to free health care   Below is our simple prayer guide. At this troubling time let us remember these words of Jesus Christ; “Ask and it will be given to you; […]

If you had Coronavirus without Health Care ….

An urgent appeal from Mike Simpson, our CEO There is rising anxiety in the UK, Europe and the USA about Coronavirus. We do not know how things will unfold. Experts in the field of virology warn of ‘worst case scenarios’. The potential impact on our lives could be severe for a period of weeks or […]

See inside this Nineveh SEED project

Meet Raed. He is the owner of the large chicken farm in Qaraqosh, northern Iraq, restored with funds provided by FRRME. This is of course all thanks to you our donors in the UK and the USA. The farm is part of our successful Nineveh SEED programme. Completed at the end of 2019, the project […]

Nineveh SEED: Eight New Projects in 2020

Abdulrahman, FRRME’s Manager in Northern Iraq, has sent recent photographs from the Chicken Farm and one of our Greenhouse Projects. Completed in 2019, these projects are now bringing benefit to families in the village of Karamles and the neighbouring town of Qaraqosh. We’re unveiling ambitious plans to launch eight more Nineveh Seed Projects like these […]

2019: A Year in Pictures

We’re nearly a month into the new year. But before January ends, we’re bringing together some of the best images from 2019. Explore our work, what’s been achieved and who we’ve helped together this past year. Supporting our work in the Middle East To support our lobbying efforts and our work in Iraq and Jordan […]

Don’t stop praying for Iraq – PLEASE

The situation in Iraq remains one for prayer. Many of you, our supporters, will be keen to understand more of what is now happening. With key people on the ground, our team have been monitoring closely the stories behind the headlines. We share here a range of the articles that our team have found both […]

Children blessed despite the missiles

Shoes, Coats, and Toys Supply Christmas Cheer There has been a risk of major military confrontation in recent days across Iraq, as you know. So we’re glad to bring you this more positive story from December. Gifts given for Christmas at the Bardarash Refugee Camp brought some much-needed Christmas cheer to the children living there […]

Take Courage in Troubling Times

Urgent message from FRRME CEO Mike Simpson re Iraq: “What is happening in Iraq and Iran could be very damaging to our charitable work. I spoke about this in a radio interview at the weekend. But then, if we are serious about our mission, we could see it as a challenge to adapt and respond with Christian […]

Please Read and Please Pray for Iraq

We are gravely concerned about the situation in Iraq. We are in regular touch with our people in Iraq and ask you to please pray for Iraq today. The assassination of an Iranian military leader near Baghdad airport in Iraq early yesterday morning has massively escalated the risk of a major confrontation between Iran and […]

Celebrate with Turkey, No, Chickens!

Let’s take the opportunity this week to celebrate the opening of a large Chicken Farm in Qaraqosh, one of our key ‘Nineveh Seed’ projects in Northern Iraq. FRRME and our sister charity in the USA, FRRME America jointly funded the project. As you know, ISIS devastated Northern Iraq. Everyone fled for their lives when ISIS […]

The inspiring work of St George’s, Baghdad

Through your generous giving, St George’s Church Baghdad provides much more than simply Sunday Services and vital Christian Community. As well as the church, the St George’s compound contains the St George’s Clinic, a Kindergarten and a cultural centre. An Anglican primary school was opened in the grounds of St George’s last year (Church Times). However, despite […]

Pre-Christmas Video Message from Rev Faez Jirjees

For our weekly update this week, Rev Faez Jirjees has recorded a Pre-Christmas message of thanks and appreciation. Thank you for all the support you have given to St George’s this year. Sunday Services Resume at St George’s We are pleased to tell you that Sunday Services have now resumed at St George’s Church, Baghdad. […]

What you did this year!

You’ve donated and prayed for our projects this year and we want to give you an update! From projects in Baghdad, the Nineveh Plain and in Jordan. To advocacy work in the UK on behalf of displaced and oppressed Christians. We thank you for your continued support. It’s our mission together, to be: Rebuilding Lives […]

A True Christmas Offer

Our true Christmas offer from Mike Simpson, FRRME CEO This may not be a Black Friday or even a Cyber Monday offer, but it is well worth reading! It is what you might call a real Christmas offer. As we prepare for Christmas, please spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians […]

He lifted me from the pit

A true story of rescue and new life Imagine being kidnapped by Al Qaeda and then locked in a pit in the ground and left to rot. You are there for days and nights and then hear voices. Are these people coming to kill you? You are bent over double, unable to stand up. You […]

Iraq – Christians in Fear

Protests in the Baghdad area continue. We bring you an update from St George’s and the clinic, following on from Rev Faez Jirjees’ short video last week.  Join with us as we pray together for the continuing situation. The Situation in Baghdad The British government continue to advise against all travel to the region. The Foreign and […]

400 dead in Iraq protests

Rev Faez Jirjees updates us on the latest in the Iraq Protests whilst visiting the UK. Watch Faez from St James’ Park in London via video.

Joy after despair for Iraqi Christian refugees

Joy returned to the hearts of Iraqis in Madaba, Jordan this week. We opened The Olive Tree Centre for refugees with much singing and laughter.

Excitement grows at The Olive Tree Centre!

Opening soon – The Olive Tree Centre for refugees in Madaba, Jordan

Bakhdida – Our bakery brings new hope

Bread prices soar in Iraq There is a new bakery in Bakhdida this week thanks to our funders. In just a few months the price of a loaf of bread in Iraq has gone up 50%. Inflation is one of the reasons the country for the mass civilian protests. The cost of living has spiralled […]

Extinction Rebellion in Iraq?

Will we see Extinction Rebellion in Iraq? A few months ago there was severe drought in Iraq. We cannot say if it was related to ‘climate-change’ but water levels in the Mosul Dam dropped so low that a previously-hidden Mittani palace emerged for the first time in centuries. According to the Stockholm-based ‘Expert Working Group […]

Physics & Faith – an extraordinary event

On 24th September at St Ethelburga’s in the City of London we hosted an amazing event. Physics & Faith combined some very distinct voices. The result was extraordinary… Jim, a.k.a. Jameel “One of my grandfathers was a Shia Ayatollah”. This is a surprising admission from one of the UK’s most popular broadcasters and self-professed atheist, Jim Al-Khalili. […]

Meeting at Number 10 Downing Street

Number 10 is a strange place From the outside, Number 10 is a small house nestled in a Georgian terrace. Once you step inside, you immediately feel close to the political heart of our country. Paintings of historic figures and events surround you. This is of course the official residence of the Prime Minister. In […]

Our new football pitch at Harsham IDP camp in Iraqi Kurdistan

Football at Harsham We appealed to our supporters for funds to build a new football pitch at Harsham IDP camp on the outskirts of Erbil. The camp hosts around 1,500 internally displaced families from Mosul and the surrounding villages, many of them victims of ISIS. Most are Muslim but some are Christian. As you may […]

Support our new Olive Tree Center for the persecuted

The Hashemite Kingdom – a home for refugees In the last seventy years The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (as it’s officially known) has become home for millions of refugees from across the Arab world. According to the latest census figures, there are an estimated 2.1 million Palestinian and 1.4 million Syrian refugees in the country. […]

An Emerging Mosaic of Hope, Help and Healing

The power of mosaic Five years ago when ISIS swept across northern Iraq on their terrifying mission of murder and destruction, a young woman called Riveen fled. She ended up in Jordan in a small city called Madaba. It is famous for its mosaics. The Madaba Map is part of a 6th century floor mosaic in the early […]

The UN finally recognises religious persecution

The UN day for the persecuted “On this Day, we reaffirm our unwavering support for the victims of violence based on religion and belief. And we demonstrate that support by doing all in our power to prevent such attacks and demanding that those responsible are held accountable” – UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres The United Nations has […]

Qaraqosh – building a bakery after ISIS

The Exodus of Qaraqosh A small band of Kurdish and Assyrian fighters repel the first wave of attacks. Then ISIS cuts the water supply. The small town of Qaraqosh is being engulfed by the ISIS calipahte. One by one, the surrounding villages fall under ISIS control. The people in these villages are forbidden to do […]

New football pitch for displaced Iraqi children

Football returns to Harsham IDP camp This summer, we appealed to our supporters for funds to build a new football pitch at Harsham IDP camp in Erbil. The old pitch had gradually fallen apart due to constant use. For months, the children were playing on the stony ground underneath. But now, thanks to those who […]

Meghan Markle Vs. Iraq refugee crisis

Cutting through the news agenda (if you’re not Meghan Markle) The thousands of Iraqi refugees we help in Jordan are still desperately in need. They fled ISIS and lost everything. But the news cycle has moved on and the plight of the persecuted is no longer on the front page. Frankly, that is our biggest […]

How to defeat ISIS?

The roots of ISIS How did ISIS conquer northern Iraq? It is April 2013. Sunni Muslims in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija take to the streets in protest. They are fed up with the lack of jobs, with feeling marginalised, with being branded “terrorists” by the largely Shia government in Baghdad. After weeks of […]

The persecution of Christians in the Middle East is a special case

The persecution of Christians – the UK responds Something strange has happened. This year Jeremy Hunt (who could be the next Prime Minister), commissioned a review into the Foreign Office response to ‘the global persecution of Christians’. During the launch of the final report, which we attended this week, those in charge of the review […]

The tragic story of an Iraqi Christian nurse

An Iraqi Christian nurse tries to save her father We cannot tell you her real name (we will call her Raschel). However, we can tell you what happened to her. Raschel is from the city of Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan. The city is regarded as the capital of Sorani Kurdish culture and is the only […]

Opening the eyes of the faith-blind

The plight of Iraqi Christians The final report of Bishop Mounstephen’s review into the global persecution of Christians was published today. The review was commissioned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (members of our team attended the launch back in January). Responding, CEO of The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, Mike Simpson, […]

Planting the first seeds of hope in northern Iraq

How you have helped a village in northern Iraq Back in January we asked you which of our projects in Iraq and Jordan you would most like to support. 69% of you chose ‘Job creation for Iraqi Christians returning to the Nineveh Plain in northern Iraq’. We have listened to you. This week, we are […]

Christian Iraqi refugees are given a lifeline in Jordan

This article was written by Helena Scott, FRRME’s Project Officer in Jordan The Olive Tree Centre The opening of The Olive Tree Centre in Madaba will mark an exciting and significant turning point in FRRME’s relief & reconciliation efforts in Jordan. The new space, set to open this coming July (subject to registration), will provide a […]

Women in Iraqi politics (and what we think)

The shocking truth Tara Fares was an Iraqi beauty blogger who was murdered in Baghdad last year. An unknown assailant shot her three times at point blank range as she sat in her car. Two days earlier, women’s rights activist Suad al-Ali was murdered in Basra. A man shot her in the back of the […]

The Barbers of Baghdad

Life in a refugee camp in Baghdad The Virgin Mary Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Baghdad is a strange place. From above, the portacabins look like shipping containers. But up close, you immediately see that people live here. In one portacabin we meet a boy practising his violin. In another is a shop selling […]

Iraq – Fear and Hope this Summer

Working with people of all faiths England’s most senior Catholic prelate, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, has called for more to be done to rebuild Christian communities in Iraq. The Cardinal’s appeal follows last week’s visit to the UK by Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil. As one of the highest ranking Catholics in Iraq, Archbishop Warda has expressed […]

Football pitch in Iraqi refugee camp needs urgent funding

The beautiful game in Iraq When you travel through northern Iraq you witness two things. Firstly, you see the scars of war – mounds of rubble, scorched buildings, bullet-strewn streets. Secondly, you see a lot of people wearing football strips. If war is a fact of life in Iraq, then so too is the Iraqi […]

The tragedy of Reem

Important note about the following account To protect identities, names have been changed. The salient facts of the case have not been altered in any way. As you can see, the story is told in the present tense as that is how ‘Reem’ experiences the pain of the past. An Iraqi girl escapes ISIS into […]

New trauma centre for Iraqi refugees needs your help

A shocking fact about trauma in Iraq Three generations of Iraqis experience trauma because of 40 years of war and sectarian violence. Despite this, there is only one psychiatric hospital in Iraq and just 1 psychiatrist for every 300,000 people. A fascinating new documentary called ‘Iraq: A State of Mind’ sheds light on this important […]

Americans help Iraqi Christians

Inaction has consequences! Last week, we were in Georgia to raise money for Iraq’s persecuted Christians. While there, I was able to visit the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr in Atlanta. This was the final stop of the tour. We also visited The Ebenezer Baptist Church where King was the preacher and where his […]

Persecuted Christians ignored

New report on persecuted Christians pulls no punches Political correctness is partly to blame for the failure to address the suffering of persecuted Christians around the world. This is according to an interim report by the Rt Rev Philip Mounstephen, Anglican Bishop of Truro, published today. The report is part of an independent review called […]

Love (Yazidi) Vs. Hate (ISIS)

Love in Iraq Two extraordinary statements came out of Iraq this week. The first is a decree (pictured above) from the Yazidi Supreme Spiritual Council. It says that children born of Yazidi women raped by ISIS members should be welcome in the Yazidi community. Recent reports from Syria suggest that some Yazidi women are staying […]

Tragedy and joy this Easter

A church in northern Iraq Amid the tragic headlines this Easter, one story gave us hope. At The Church of the Immaculate Conception in the northern Iraqi town of Bakhdida (also known as Qaraqosh), a large congregation of Christians celebrated Easter. Only an estimated 30% of the town’s 80,000 Christians have returned since ISIS was […]

Easter message from Rev Faez Jirjees of St George’s Church in Baghdad

We give thanks this Easter I greet you on the occasion of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. He gave us new life by His resurrection. The thorn of death has been broken under the feet of Christ. Hallelujah! I would like to thank those who continue to help our Christian […]

Inspiring new film about St George’s Clinic in Baghdad

A miracle in Baghdad? St George’s Clinic in Baghdad is miraculous. In a country riven by sectarianism, Christian and Muslim doctors work side-by-side to treat the sick regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation. The new Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, recently told staff at the clinic: “There is nowhere else like this in Iraq”. […]

A week on the frontline in Iraq – Part III

From Genesis to today Nineveh is first mentioned in The Book of Genesis. Only the ruins of the Biblical city remain but the plain of Nineveh to the north and east is still home to many of Iraq’s Christians. When ISIS swept through this ancient land in the summer of 2014, they destroyed villages and […]

A week on the frontline in Iraq – Part II

Christian leaders in Iraq need your support When ISIS took control of Mosul in Iraq, Archbishop Daoud was the last Christian leader to leave the city. – he was called by a friend in the Kurdish Regional Government who told him he had 15 minutes to get out. Grabbing a handful of books, he left. […]

A week on the frontline in Iraq – Part 1

It is not over! I write this in Amman, Jordan on our way back to England from Iraq. We have spent nearly a week in the north of Iraq and in Kurdistan meeting key community, political and UN figures. The aim is to build a credible strategy for our peacebuilding work in the country. Media […]

Christians in Baghdad need your help this Easter

“St George’s embraced me after I came here from Mosul. I ask The Lord to bless the church every day and give me the strength to serve Him.” After the invasion of Iraq in 2003 there was a rise in violent Islamist extremism in Mosul. This culminated in 2008 with the kidnap and murder of […]

Light shines in the darkness of Iraq

A beacon of hope At this particularly difficult time in Iraq’s history, St George’s Church in Baghdad continues to be a beacon of hope. Even the newly appointed Prime Minister of Iraq, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, paid a visit a few weeks ago. Abdul-Mahdi is seen as a moderate and his appointment has been met with cautious […]

This Iraqi priest still has hope (thanks to you)

The priest in the war zone The windscreen has a huge crack nearly a metre long and large chips out of it, which could well be shrapnel damage. We are driving at an alarming speed across the arid scrubland of northern Iraq. Sunlight is streaming into the car refracting from the damaged glass. The man […]

Is this what you think about our work?

In a recent survey we asked our supporters what they think about our work. The results have given us a good idea of what matters to those who are funding our vital projects in Iraq and Jordan. It is also interesting to see who our supporters are, in terms of how they define their own […]

Traumatised Christian Iraqis need your help

Two shocking stories Fariza is just 10 years old. When ISIS gunmen come to her village, she and her family flee to a refugee camp in Kurdistan. Like so many others, they walk through the night to find a safe haven, not knowing if they will make it. The camp that takes them in provides […]

Should a Christian charity help Muslims and Yazidis in Iraq?

The Chief of the Yazidi people died this week Mir Tahsin Beg was 85 years old and had served his people since becoming Chief at the tender age of 11. Before ISIS, few had heard of the Yazidi people. For many, they first appeared on the news, starving and trapped on Mount Sinjar. The world […]

Persecuted Christians – we lobby the big hitters on this issue

We are a small charity but we have a lot of clout This week, the newly appointed Prime Minister of Iraq, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, paid a visit to St George’s Church in Baghdad. As you will know, we support the ministry there and fund a medical clinic in the church grounds free to people of all […]

Support this Iraqi priest bringing peace to the Middle East

The price of reconciliation How much does reconciliation in Iraq cost? For our supporters, it might mean a monthly donation (for which we are very grateful). For Faiz Jerjees, Chaplain of St George’s Church in Baghdad, it could cost him his life. We haven’t always been able to share the work of this extraordinary man. […]

Iraqi Christians among the world’s most persecuted

A shocking new report The World Watch List out this week ranks the persecution of Christians by country. Unsurprisingly, the self-styled “Socialist State” of North Korea is still the worst persecutor of Christians. Iraq is ranked 13th on the list, with the main source of persecution given as “Islamic Oppression”. Perhaps a better phrase would […]

A gift of lamb (the refugees hadn’t eaten meat in months)

A special report from our Project Officer in Jordan It is a reflective time of year for all of us. For the Iraqi refugees in our care, it is a stark reminder of their circumstances. They are cut off from their homeland and the life they once knew. They do not possess the means to […]

2019… A Year of Hope, Reconciliation and Restoration

It is time for optimism On 24th December, the Iraqi Government announced that Christmas Day would be an official national holiday for all  Iraqis. A few days later, the Grand Mufti of Iraq (the country's most senior Sunni cleric) issued a fatwa to his followers forbidding them to "congratulate Christians during Christmas" or participate in [...]

A Year of Tears, Hope and Inspiring Love

A Christmas message from CEO, Mike Simpson It has been an emotional year, with lots of tears. But there is also hope. Nearly 4,000 people have now seen our Voices of Iraq short film. It was premiered at Westminster Abbey in September and can now be viewed online on our YouTube channel or Facebook page This [...]

Christmas message from St George’s, Baghdad

A message from Rev Faiz Jerjes, vicar of St George's in Baghdad "Do not be afraid I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you, he is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:10-11 Rev Faiz Jerjes, the vicar [...]

Give hope to Iraqi Christian refugees this Christmas

From trauma to hope An elderly Christian woman lives in a tent in a church cemetery in northern Iraq. She is a refugee in her own country. Heartbroken and worn out, she dies. The woman's daughter, Marlene, buries her mother just metres from where the family sleeps. The family is originally from Mosul, now in [...]

VOICES OF IRAQ, watch the film now

VOICES OF IRAQ is a powerful new film which receives its online premiere today (click on link). As you will see, Voices of Iraq is an unorthodox film. It is not a news report, important though they are. It is more artistic than that. Filmed in Iraq and Jordan over several months, it captures first [...]

Trauma, Survival and Hope in Jordan

The effect of time on the refugees For those watching the news in the West, ISIS was two years ago. For Iraqi refugees in Jordan, it was this morning. Time can seem like it is truncated when events continue to have an impact. Waking up in a cramped room in Amman and not having enough [...]

Churches in Iraq must unite – here is what you can do to help

Ecumenism of blood Working on the frontline in Iraq, we witness sectarianism at its very worst. We see bombed-out churches and mosques. We hear stories of persecution from all sides. Extremists threaten our staff. One thing we have learned is that conflict is not always between religions, sometimes there are divisions within a religion. As [...]

Don’t switch off! … More bombings in Baghdad

Faith in the Republic of Fear Rush hour in Baghdad. Four bombs are detonated, killing four innocent people and injuring dozens more. This week marks yet more violence in Iraq's ongoing sectarian conflict. In a statement released shortly after the bombing, a UN Representative for Iraq said: "These heinous acts aim to break the spirit [...]

Tears and a move of God’s Spirit in Jordan

Mike Simpson, FRRME CEO, went to Jordan to meet with Iraqi Christian refugees. He writes about it for this week's update. Earlier this month I met over 100 Christian Iraqi refugees who attend one of the churches we work with in Jordan. I was invited to preach the sermon in their church service, (with an Arabic [...]

Please support trauma counselling for Iraqi children

The horrors of war The war against ISIS in Iraq saw some of the most intense urban fighting since the Second World War. This is according to US officials. For those on the ground, the horrors must have been unimaginable. We recently visited a trauma centre in the village of Alqosh. This centre serves a [...]

Iraqi Christian rescued from prison pit in the desert

Sander is the man in the video clip. His story is one of the most shocking we have ever told (his name has been changed to protect his identity). A living grave It is 2009. With Al Qaeda resurgent in northern Iraq, Sander and his family decide to move to Baghdad. Like so many of [...]

Western aid money does not reach Iraqi Christians

Lara Zara Lara Zara is the memorable name of Alqosh's disputed female mayor. Alqosh is a village in the Nineveh Plain, the ancestral home of Iraq's dwindling Christian community. Different factions contest Lara's legitimacy in the mayoral role. As a charity seeking to support the people returning to the Nineveh Plain we can only seek [...]

Did ISIS succeed?

The video above gives an answer to this question Iraq's Christians were targeted by ISIS in the following ways - they were forced to renounce their faith and embrace Islam; they were forced to pay an infidel tax known as jizya; they were publicly beheaded, crucified and burned alive at the whim of ISIS courts. All [...]

Trauma, Survival and Hope in Westminster Abbey

A film you must see Last Friday our short film 'Voices of Iraq - stories of trauma, survival and hope' was premiered at Westminster Abbey. Comments on the film to date include: "An incredible film capturing the real essence of the Iraqis' plight." "I was so struck by the testimonies of those suffering but also [...]

“Music heals the soul” – interview with Iraqi oud master, Ahmed Mukhtar

Ahmed Mukhtar is an internationally renowned oud player from Iraq. He will be playing at our 'Voices of Iraq' film premiere at Westminster Abbey this Friday. In this exclusive interview, he tells us what life was like under the dictatorship, what inspired him to become a musician, and how music can help bring people together.  [...]

“Normalcy next to horror” a photographic odyssey in Iraq

Acclaimed British American artist and photographer Alexandra Rose Howland travelled along the 88km highway which connects the cities of Erbil and Mosul in northern Iraq. She captured what she saw in a series of stunning, single-collage panoramic photographs. These were exhibited in galleries in Baghdad and London and will also be displayed in the Cellarium [...]


We are delighted that acclaimed British artist Hannah Rose Thomas is part of our Voices of Iraq premiere event next month at Westminster Abbey. Hannah is one of a tiny number of British artists to visit Iraq. In this exclusive interview, she talks to us about her inspiring art project working with Yazidi women. 1). You travelled [...]


ISIS is still killing and kidnapping A report by the United Nations says there are up to 30,000 ISIS fighters still in Iraq and Syria. It asserts that there are still a significant number of foreign fighters among its ranks. Last month, the terror group killed more than 200 people and kidnapped 30 women and [...]


A symbol of hope stands tall in the scorching heat A large cross, perhaps two stories high, towers above the quiet roads on the edge of town. It is the ultimate symbol of Christian endurance in a country riven by sectarian violence. Much of Qaraqosh was destroyed by ISIS, yet the cross remains, tall and strong, unable to [...]


Rana and Rita's story There was a story in The Times this week about an Iraqi Christian woman who had been kidnapped by ISIS. Her name is Rana and she endured two and a half years of beatings, rape and domestic servitude at the hands of her captors. Rana was one of the lucky ones [...]

Is this the most dangerous parish in the world?

A priest on a mission Father Salar is a Chaldean Catholic Priest who lives in the Nineveh Plain. This arid flatland in the north of the country is the home of Iraqi Christianity. FRRME Chief Exec, Mike Simpson, met Salar in London last autumn. He then invited Salar to travel from the north of Iraq [...]

Iraqi Christians and Muslims working together to help the sick

St George's Clinic Iraq used to have one of the best healthcare sectors in the Middle East. But decades of war and sanctions have left it in ruins. These days, complicated surgeries often have to be performed in other countries. There is a shortage of vital drugs and seeing a doctor can cost hundreds of [...]

Teleskuf, the rebirth of an Iraqi village

Bishop's Hill Teleskuf (meaning 'Bishop's Hill' in Aramaic) is a Christian village in northern Iraq. The village was captured by ISIS in 2014 and 2016 but on both occasions the jihadis were driven out. The second battle made international headlines as a US Navy SEAL was killed helping friendly forces retreat to safety. Since ISIS' [...]

World Cup fever comes to Iraqi refugee camp

World Cup Fever comes to Iraqi refugee camp Following England's nail biting victory against Colombia, we wanted to share a good news story with you. Harsham refugee camp in northern Iraq is home to 1,500 internally displaced families, including many children. Most have lost everything - their homes, their possessions, their loved ones. But thanks [...]

Support Iraq’s Christians, support Nineveh SEED

"I would like to thank you for the excellent work that  the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation is doing to engage with and support minority communities within Iraq."    - The Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP, Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa How you can help save Christianity in Iraq Since ISIS was defeated [...]

“We came from this soil and we will die in this soil” – Yakub’s story

The desecration of The Virgin and Child Yakub's story has some shocking details. We visited him in Qaraqosh, the Christian town in the Nineveh Plain 30 miles southeast of Mosul. ISIS used his large house as one of their operational bases. When we arrive, he is keen to show us around. He wants us to [...]

“This Christian does not deserve to have a tomb” – Marlene’s story

Murder in Mosul Today is World Refugee Day. According to the United Nations, 68 million people around the world are refugees or internally displaced. One of these refugees is a woman called Marlene, an Iraqi Christian originally from northern Iraq. We interviewed her in Jordan where she now lives with her husband, Jinan, and their [...]

Has Trump abandoned Iraq’s Christians?

The people the American President forgot Since the devastation of northern Iraq by Islamic State, Iraq's Christians have become a forgotten people. Ignored by the UN and the majority of Western governments, they have to fend for themselves or are supported by organisations like FRRME. Last year the Trump administration said it would assist Iraq's [...]

St George’s Church in Baghdad needs your help

A Ministry Under Siege St George's Church in Baghdad is a ministry under siege. However, with your support we are helping members of the congregation like Nadira. Nadira is in poor health. She is often breathless and seems exhausted. She has suffered more than most. Originally from Baghdad, she lost her husband in 2005 in [...]

Iraqi priest speaks out on the need for trauma counselling

How do you rebuild humanity in Iraq? Father Aram is an extraordinary man. During our interview with him in the northern Iraqi town of Alqosh, he says: “Our mission is to build humanity again.” A lot of people are talking about rebuilding the towns and villages destroyed by ISIS. Father Aram wants to rebuild the […]

Was Iraq better under Saddam?

The woman whose name means ‘Moon’ During our recent trip to Baghdad we interviewed congregants of St George’s, Iraq’s only Anglican church. One of those willing to share their story was Luna. Luna was effervescent when we met her and smiled a lot at the start of the interview. This made her opening comment all […]

Political earthquake hits Iraq – what now for the Christians?

"If we go for a civil state, we have hope. But if Iraq goes for a theocratic state that will be a disaster not only for Christians but for everybody" - Yonadam Kanna, Iraqi MP Muqtada al-Sadr, the kingmaker of Iraq Radical Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s party has won the Iraqi election. Al-Sadr was once [...]

Iraqi Christian women share their hopes and fears

Who is to blame for ISIS? On the eve of the Iraqi election, we interviewed three women about their hopes and fears for the future. Sally, Rashel and Rahma are all students at the Catholic University in Erbil. They were driven from their homes in Qaraqosh when ISIS came. They all expressed disappointment with the [...]

The Healing Power of Football

Our trip to northern Iraq Last week I was in northern Iraq with a small team. We went to towns and villages where ISIS had been. We went to listen. We wanted to hear from those who have suffered so much, but who are still there! We went to hear their stories of trauma, survival [...]

The Born Again Village in Iraq

This week I had the privilege to join hundreds of Christians in the village of Teleskuf in northern Iraq for St George’s Day. These people fled their homes as ISIS advanced. They left with nothing, not knowing what the future would hold for their families. Three years later they returned and they have rebuilt their [...]

The women refugees showing real strength

This week's update was written by Helena Scott, our Project Officer in Jordan Resilience 'Resilience' is the adjective I use to describe the refugees we are supporting. I am very impressed with the resilience of the women in particular. Regardless of age or background, the Iraqi women I meet in Jordan share one thing in [...]

Forgiving ISIS?

Notorious jihadis finally captured Two of ISIS' infamous 'Beatles' gang have been giving interviews this week. Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were captured in January trying to flee war-torn Syria. Associates of Jihadi John, they are allegedly responsible for the torture and execution of non-combatants, including Western journalists and aid workers. Unrepentant What is [...]

The message this Easter is reconciliation

Meeting with Ayatollah Hussein al-Sadr As one of Iraq's most senior Shia clerics, he suffered torture under Saddam Hussein. Despite this, Ayatollah Hussein al-Sadr is still smiling. His warmth shines through. When we met him during our recent trip to Baghdad, he spoke of our common humanity and the need for reconciliation. In a country [...]

An Easter message to you from St George’s, Baghdad

Lent Week 7: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled When I visited St George's, Baghdad last month I found a church which actively demonstrates the above verse. They face many challenges, including living under armed protection because of the ongoing threat to Christians from terrorists who want [...]

Remembering the Martyrs of Baghdad

Lent Week 6: Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness Last week we told you about The Barbers of Baghdad. This week, we are remembering the Martyrs of Baghdad. On the evening of 31st October 2010, seven men with machine guns pulled up outside the 'Our Lady of Deliverance Church' in Baghdad. The [...]

The Barbers of Baghdad – practical peacemaking!

Lent Week 5: Blessed are the peacemakers During our recent trip to Iraq we met The Barbers of Baghdad - keep reading to find out who they are... The Virgin Mary refugee camp in Baghdad is home to Christian families who fled from the north after ISIS attacked. I listened to the tragic stories of [...]

God and the white cat

Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God Lent Week 4 – A Christian Iraqi woman I met told me how she had been driven from her home by ISIS. She said: “When we left our town, it was the first time I asked God ‘Why did you do this to us?’….”. […]

Revenge or Mercy?

Lent Week 3: Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy Revenge or Mercy? Think how you would react to the multiple tragedies of Iraq over more than 40 years. The brutality of Saddam Hussein. The war with Iran in which a million people died. The US-led invasion in 2003. The insurgency which followed [...]

We’ve signed an important letter to the United Nations Security Council

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is charged with maintaining international peace and security. It has five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. There are also ten non-permanent members which are elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly. The Netherlands is currently a non-permanent member and will […]

Traumatised ISIS victim says “God never forgot us”

Lent Week 2 - How can the 'meek' be blessed? In His sermon on the mount Jesus said "Blessed are the meek". How can that be true? Surely the meek will be downtrodden, taken advantage of, abused, stolen from, even killed ... won't they? Well maybe / maybe not, but Psalm 37 gives us a [...]

Lent Week 1: Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Some years ago I visited the traditional site of Christ's 'sermon on the mount' on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Today, it is a peaceful place for contemplation, far removed from the experience of many in our troubled world, not least those we are helping in Iraq. The teaching of Jesus in that [...]

An Oasis of Grace in Iraq

Many of you know of the work of St George's in Baghdad and have supported it in prayer over the years. Our charity and our sister charity, FRRME America, have been and remain major funders of the church and its ministry. I was blessed to be at St George's last weekend to see something of [...]

Support our Lent programme and help the persecuted in Iraq and Jordan

In the run-up to Easter we will be sharing a series of updates about our trip to Iraq and Jordan Throughout Lent we will be providing updates on our work linked to devotional Bible texts. With this in mind, we ask that you pray for our church partners in Iraq and Jordan who, along with [...]

Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan still need your help

  Here is an update from our Project Officer in Jordan, Helena Scott. She works with the Iraqi Christian refugee community there, many of whom fled Mosul and the Nineveh Plain when ISIS annexed the region. Through church partners in Amman and Madaba, she distributes food packages and financial support to the most needy. She […]

An update on the situation in Iraq

It is a time of anniversaries. Twenty seven years ago this week, the first US bombs rained down on Saddam Hussein's regime. Operation Desert Storm had begun. Four years ago this month, ISIS first proclaimed itself an Islamic state having taken control of the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Today, America and ISIS are still in [...]

Watch our new ‘Voices of Iraq’ trailer

A brilliant young filmmaker called Sam Davis has produced a trailer for our new 'Voices of Iraq' project. He travelled to Jordan before Christmas, accompanying our CEO, Mike Simpson, and FRRME trustee, Christopher Segar. There, he filmed interviews with Iraqi Christian refugees, most of home had fled so-called Islamic State in northern Iraq. 'Voices of [...]

Happy New Year to our supporters

In 2017, ISIS was defeated in Iraq. The ancient city of Mosul, the caliphate's de facto capital, was liberated after a 9 month siege. Approximately 100,000 fighters, a mixture of Iraqi government troops and Shia militias, retook the city from 10,000 ISIS fanatics who had terrorised the population on a daily basis. Two weeks ago [...]

A short Christmas message (with silly outfits)

  As a dedicated supporter of our work, you’re probably expecting an update from us this Christmas. Well, here it is. The refugees we are helping are so thankful to you for the kindness and generosity you have shown them in 2017. Without your continued support, they would have nowhere to live, no regular source of […]

Talking to big hitters in Washington about persecuted Christians

I was privileged to attend an extraordinary conference last week in Washington DC on ‘The Persecution of Christians in the Holy Lands and the Middle East’. It is hard to imagine a more timely and important conference subject. Three Archbishops, three US Senators, members of the current US government, academics and lawyers were among those […]

Help the forgotten people of Iraq this Christmas

With your help, FRRME is bringing hope to Iraqi refugees, including thousands of persecuted Christians. We want to enable those who have suffered so much under ISIS to move forward from that trauma. May I implore you to help in any way you can towards our £250,000 appeal (details of how to give are at the […]

Trauma counselling for Iraqi refugee children

In Iraq, ISIS recruited children. They called them the ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ and ordered them to commit atrocities. Even after the fall of Mosul, the indoctrination of children by ISIS continues. Just this week, two Cubs of the Caliphate were filmed hacking the arms and head off a suspected “spy”. Video of this gruesome […]

They bombed the churches and dug tunnels all over the city

  This is Salim, an Iraqi Christian from Qaraqosh. He speaks with fondness and nostalgia about his old home: “If you could have seen Qaraqosh before the war, it was amazing. I wish you had been there.” ISIS tried to capture the city in July 2014 but were pushed back by a small band of […]

“We believe we must forgive” – breaking bread with Iraqi Christian refugees

“We believe we must forgive.” So said one of the Christian Iraqi men I met in Jordan last week. Having listened to the tragic and traumatic stories of many Christian refugees there, it is inspiring and moving to hear this talk of forgiveness. We are now supporting over 1,100 Christian families in Jordan who have […]


As if the people of Iraq didn’t have enough to cope with, now they have been hit by the deadliest earthquake this year. The quake, which measured 7.3 on The Richter Scale, occurred on the border between Iraq and Iran. Over 400 people  are thought to have perished, with an estimated 7,000 injured. Eyewitnesses compared the […]

Meet the team at St George’s Clinic, Baghdad

The medical team at St George’s Clinic in Baghdad continues to treat people of all faiths despite the recent spate of sectarian bombings. Since the retaking of Mosul in the north of the country by the Iraqi army, the capital has been subjected to frequent attacks by Islamic State. The security situation has been made […]

An update on the situation in Kirkuk

Last month, Iraqi Kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence. For years they suffered under Saddam Hussein. They have long trumpeted the cause of self-determination. On the back of the referendum, the Kurds declared their own nation state. However, the Iraqi Government in Baghdad said that the vote was unconstitutional and declared the outcome null and void. This […]

The ‘Voices of Iraq’ project takes shape in Jordan

In 2015, in a meeting room at London’s Heathrow Airport, FRRME staff met with a group of church leaders and Christian NGOs. They had flown in from around the world to discuss the terrible fate of Christians in Iraq and Syria who had found themselves living in a newly-created caliphate where Christianity was punishable by […]

Voices of Iraq: From Victim, to Survivor, to Thriver

From September 21st to 23rd, FRRME staff attended an event hosted by The Centre of Global Migration (CGM) entitled “Untold Experiences of Vulnerable Refugees”. Presented as a workshop to discuss the severe consequences of forced migration, the event brought together researchers, practitioners and policy makers to form a much needed international network for up to […]

In post-ISIS Iraq the challenges are greater than ever

This week the Iraqi army retook Hawija, the last major Iraqi town under ISIS control. This followed the news that the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is still alive, although his exact whereabouts are unknown. While ISIS appears to be on the way out, the humanitarian disaster it has created continues. Over 3 million people […]

A harrowing testimony from Iraq

I recently met with an Iraqi woman and her four beautiful children. They are originally from Qaraqosh (Iraq’s largest Christian town). I’ve met with her several times before but this time, over qahwah and sweets, she shared her harrowing testimony. She gave me permission to share this with you. When ISIS came to Qaraqosh, the […]

Lobbying politicians on the issue of Iraq’s persecuted Christians  

For those Christians who currently remain in Iraq life is tough. Most are internally displaced people (IDPs) who have been forced from their homes and are now living in tents, caravans, basements or sharing crowded accommodation with other families. Those from the villages of the Nineveh Plain may have lost everything when Islamic State advanced. […]

Middle East Report interviews our new CEO, Mike Simpson (PART TWO)

In this exclusive interview with Middle East Report, FRRME’s new CEO Mike Simpson talks about what we are doing to help Iraq’s displaced Christians – click on the below image to listen to part two of the interview.  Part one of the interview can be heard here. In the coming weeks and months we will be […]

How your support is helping Iraqi Christian refugees in Jordan 

Last week we introduced our new initiative – Voices of Iraq – a project to give displaced Iraqi Christians a voice. Some of these people have made their way to Jordan where, thanks to your continued support, they are slowly rebuilding their shattered lives. With the money you gave us, we delivered clothing coupons to 510 children […]

Middle East Report interviews our new CEO, Mike Simpson (PART ONE)

In this exclusive interview with Middle East Report, FRRME’s new CEO Mike Simpson talks about the tragic plight of Christians in Iraq – click on the below image to listen to part one of the interview. With your support, we are continuing to feed thousands of internally displaced Iraqi Christians in northern Iraq, as well […]

Voices of Iraq

The persecuted Christians of Iraq have not been heard strongly enough in the corridors of government or in the media. With that in mind, here they are, in their own words. If you would like to help them, please support our work and make a donation (giving options at the bottom of this update). N.B. […]

Amid the Baghdad bombings, we deliver food to the Christians

Baghdad has been rocked by more sectarian violence this week. On Monday, a massive car bomb ripped through a packed market in the Shiite district of Sadr City. 12 people were killed and 28 wounded. Despite the danger, we are continuing to deliver aid to members of the congregation at St George’s, the only Anglican […]

An update on our reconciliation work

We are moving our reconciliation work forward. In the past, we connected with religious leaders, people whose influence we relied upon to make a positive impact. Post-ISIS, there must also be a political settlement. The future of Iraq will be decided at a governmental level, although religious leaders will of course play a role. We […]

A message from our new Chief Executive

I am delighted to join The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) as the new Chief Executive. FRRME is a unique charity working with many thousands of Iraqis who have been forced from their homes and terrorised beyond belief. Iraq has been in our news so much over the last few […]

Surviving in Jordan – An Update from our Project Officer in Amman

Three months after moving to Jordan from the US and I am writing with hope, determination and an increased thirst to help the Iraqi Christian refugees here. In July I set up an English class in Madaba, a city to the south of Amman, which has given me the opportunity to get to know the people […]

8 churches in Baghdad close… but we are still there

Baghdad CBN News reports this week that eight Catholic churches in Baghdad were closed in May. The decision, taken by the Vatican, is the result of a dwindling congregation, many of whom have fled the city or are too afraid to go to Sunday Mass. Despite this sad news, we will continue to fund the […]

After Mosul, we must continue to help Iraqi Christians

Turn on the television and you will see that Mosul has been liberated. This much-vaunted victory has cost 40,000 civilian lives. Some of the liberators have committed what is politely referred to in the western media as “extrajudicial killings” – throwing suspects off rooftops and running over them with tanks. Could this be a portent […]

You give refugee children in Jordan hope

From the blood-soaked plains of northern Iraq to the dusty backstreets of Jordan, the 700 Iraqi Christian families in our care have lived through hell. It is thanks to your support that they still have hope. Please read on for the latest update and please make a donation (giving options at the bottom of this […]

The truth about the future of Christianity in Iraq

Iraqi President, Haider al-Abadi, announced this week “total victory” over Islamic State in Mosul. He further declared that the mission ahead was “to create stability”. Despite similar calls by Western politicians for the establishment of a pluralist society in which Iraq’s different religious groups can happily co-exist, it remains to be seen whether this can […]

MEPs back Iraqi Christians’ right to return home

At FRRME, we remember 29th June 2014 very clearly. This was the day the IS Caliphate was declared in the Great Mosque in Mosul. Three years of suffering have followed – the persecution of religious minorities, including the indigenous Christian population of Iraq, the destruction of civil society, and the condemnation of IS genocide by the […]

The Right to Return: “A Future for Christians in Iraq” Conference Brief

‘A FUTURE FOR CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ’ CONFERENCE, 28-30 June, 2017 European Parliament, Brussels – a brief update on this significant and necessary meeting of Iraq’s Christian church leaders, politicians and NGOs: As our FRRME supporters know, the Iraqi Christian population has decreased from 1.5 million in 2003 to around 300,000 today. Furthermore, 3 years of […]

We bring football to an Iraqi IDP camp

Saddam Hussein’s eldest son, Uday, used to be the chairman of the Iraqi Football Association. In 1994, he reportedly made the Iraqi national football team kick a concrete ball for failing to qualify for the World Cup. Football (soccer to our American supporters) is the most popular sport in Iraq but for decades it was […]

Iraqi Christians face new death sentence

Iraqi Christians living in the US are being rounded up by immigration officials and deported to Iraq in what human rights lawyers are calling a “death sentence.” More than 200 Iraqis, many of whom are members of the Chaldean Catholic Church, are facing deportation for committing petty crimes and misdemeanors. However, many facing deportation, described […]

Shelter and English Classes in Jordan

As Jordan continues to host the 2nd largest number of refugees relative to the size of its population – 9% of its inhabitants are now refugees (UNHCR*) – FRRME is providing hope to Iraqi Christians through relief and education classes with your help.  In the past month 1,000 food packages were distributed to Iraqi Christian […]

Fleeing to safe havens

As news reached our office of the continued barbarity inflicted upon Iraqi civilians trying to flee the city of MOSUL, your much needed relief support keeps the food queues flowing and hope defiantly alive. In Northern Iraq, this week FRRME have continued to provide food, water, shelter, medical support and education at Harsham and Debaga camps, […]

Iraqi Christian refugees you are helping: Ammar

Ammar’s story This is Ammar, his wife Athraa and their two children, Ethan and Athena. They are an Iraqi Christian family living in Jordan who you are helping. Below is an interview we did with the family about why they left Iraq, what it’s like being a refugee in Jordan, and their hopes for the […]

First impressions by Helena Scott,  FRRME’s new Project Officer in Amman

After just two weeks in Amman, I’m already starting to feel at home here. This experience stands in stark contrast to the last city I lived in, Washington, D.C., which I came to love but where it took time to feel fully settled in. That memory fades into the distance now as I’m greeted with […]

Bombs in Baghdad but we are still there

St George’s Clinic As Mosul is slowly retaken by Iraqi government forces, ISIS cells are ramping up attacks in Baghdad. In the month of April, sectarian violence claimed the lives of 317 people and caused injuries to 403 others in the city. This week, an employee of the Education Ministry was killed when an improvised […]

How Christians in the West are saving Christians in Iraq

Last week a group of NGOs, including a representative from our Foundation, met with MEPs at the European Parliament in Brussels. The focus of the meeting was the persecuted church in the Middle East. The desecrated and abandoned Church of the Immaculate Conception in the northern Iraqi town of Qaraqosh (photograph courtesy of FRRME trustee, […]

An update on our work in Iraq and Jordan

Iraqi government forces, assisted by Iran-backed Shia militias and Kurdish Peshmerga, are slowly wresting Mosul from Islamic State control. However, the seeds of a new conflict have been sown this week with Turkish jets bombing Kurdish fighters in Sinjar near the Iraqi-Syrian border. Amid this emerging conflict, we are continuing our work on the front […]

Easter at St George’s Church in Baghdad

At St George’s Church in Baghdad, where our work began and where we are fully funding a health clinic, the congregation celebrated Easter amid worsening sectarian violence. On Good Friday a bomb went off in the city’s Al-Maalef district killing two people and injuring four. Despite this, hundreds of people came to the church to […]

Support the persecuted church this Easter

For the past 15 years, with your help, we have been transforming lives. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, despite our small size. But times are changing. A dark shadow has cast itself over Iraq. The war there has made 3 million people homeless and decimated the ancient Christian community in […]

More than 300,000 people displaced from Mosul

The UN said this week that more than 300,000 people have fled the besieged city of Mosul. Islamic State militants are reportedly holding the northwestern part of the city, using civilians as human shields. Those who manage to escape show signs of their capture – this week, our team on the ground saw young men […]

Exodus or Execution: The Hell of Mosul

“ISIS Burns 3 Women Alive for Refusing to Slaughter Innocent Civilians” read  a news story in the Christian Post last Saturday. The message was clear: civilians trapped in the western half of Mosul are being used as pawns in an obscene fight to the death, killed in horrendous ways, or forced to kill others. While […]

Humanitarian appeal for Iraqi IDPs and Refugees

Thousands of innocent civilians, many of them children, are fleeing the war-torn streets of Mosul. According to the latest UN figures, over 195,000 people are currently being sheltered in 21 camps on the outskirts of the city. Our team on the ground has visited two of these camps – Khazir and Chamakor – delivering food […]

Giving clothes to Iraqi Christians in Ankawa

Thousands of people continue to flee the war-torn streets of western Mosul. This week, there has been heavy fighting around the Grand Mosque where Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, proclaimed himself Caliph in July 2014. According to the latest UN figures, over 195,000 people from Mosul are currently being sheltered in 21 camps on the […]

Caught in the crossfire – an update  on the situation in Mosul

In recent weeks, the political and humanitarian situation in Northern Iraq has worsened. In January, Iraqi government forces recaptured the eastern half of the city but the western half remains under the control of Islamic State. Civilians are being caught in the crossfire. Since last month, 45,000 people are reported to have fled the city, […]

Working with Churches in Northern Iraq

The key to our success in the Middle East is building relationships with partners on the ground. This has enabled us to deliver emergency relief to tens of thousands of internally displaced Christians in Iraq as well as Iraqi Christian refugees in neighbouring Jordan. In Northern Iraq, our main partners are Archbishop Daoud of the Syrian […]

Helping Iraqi Christian refugees in Amman

As a registered charity, we take our governance very seriously and insist on strong oversight to ensure we are fulfilling our mission. One way this happens is when our trustees visit our projects on the ground to see for themselves how your donations are continuing to make a positive impact. Below is a report from Christopher Segar, […]

Caring for displaced children in Northern Iraq

Last week we shared an update from one of our Trustees, Christopher Segar, who recently went to Northern Iraq to see for himself the positive impact our work is having. This week’s update is about the children’s projects we are supporting, which include  a kindergarten in Erbil, a girls school in Harsham Camp, and an […]

An update on our work in Northern Iraq 

In January, one of our Trustees, Christopher Segar, went to Erbil in Northern Iraq to see the positive impact our projects are having. From 2003 – 2004 Christopher was Head of Mission in Iraq, tasked by the British Government with setting up a diplomatic presence in the country. Over the next three weeks, we will […]

We went to Iraq’s largest church and found it desecrated by Islamic State

Last week our team on the ground in Iraq visited the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Qaraqosh, 20 miles south east of Mosul. As you can see, it has been desecrated. Islamic State captured Qaraqosh in the summer of 2014 and reportedly used the church, which is the biggest in Iraq, as a shooting […]

Update from our girls school in Harsham camp

According to the UN, 70% of internally displaced children in Iraq have now missed at least one year of school. The longer these children are out of the education system, the harder it is to get back in. However, thanks to Dr Sarah Ahmed, our Director of Operations in the Middle East, 30 girls are now […]

Our mission this year is to help the persecuted. Please join us…

Christmas and New Year at St George’s Church in Baghdad Despite the spectre of violence that hangs over Iraq, the congregation at St George’s Church in Baghdad was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year in relative peace. St George’s remains very much in our prayers and we continue to fully fund the health clinic […]