Abdulrahman, FRRME’s Manager in Northern Iraq, has sent recent photographs from the Chicken Farm and one of our Greenhouse Projects. Completed in 2019, these projects are now bringing benefit to families in the village of Karamles and the neighbouring town of Qaraqosh. We’re unveiling ambitious plans to launch eight more Nineveh Seed Projects like these in 2020.

Families benefit from Nineveh Seed

Children pictured here at the Chicken Farm Project with Abdulrahman

We managed to get the children to stay still long enough for this photo from the Chicken Farm Project in Qaraqosh, Northern Iraq. The town, on the Nineveh Plain is home to mainly Christian families. 

The project was funded by UK donors like you, in partnership with FRRME America, our sister charity in the USA. It was delivered working with a local NGO, all overseen by Abdulrahman. He’s bravely holding a now adolescent chicken in the photo above! You will remember the pictures we brought you recently of the chicks soon after they hatched

The youngest member of the family poses too!

Nearby, the Greenhouse Project has begun to provide jobs for local youth, and therefore livelihoods for the families. See the photos below of cucumbers and other vegetables beginning to thrive on the site.

It’s hard sometimes to remember just how shattered these areas have been by the recent conflict. The actions of ISIS have left villages like Karamles without the livelihoods they relied upon for life.

Qaraqosh in the Nineveh Plain has been devastated by ISIS

But through projects like these, funded through our Nineveh Seed Campaign, small businesses and family trades are returning. So often the will is there, but development funding is out of reach.

Cucumbers harvested from plants in the Greenhouses
The greenhouses bring life and all-year round protection
The irrigation on site is also providing for these vegetables

Imagine Eight More Projects in 2020

Five Nineveh Seed Projects are now ‘Live’ – The Chicken Farm, Two Greenhouse Projects, The New Bakery in Qaraqosh and the Football Project at the Harsham Refugee Camp.

We’ve seen the impact. But we are imagining much more. In 2020 we have plans to launch 8 new projects!

One is an exciting Beekeeping Honey Production Project. Costed at $17,000, it will support families around Sinjar and the Maqloob Mountains to protect the beekeeping profession in the region. Working with two Christian and two Yazidi Families, it will allow beekeeping to be resumed in an area devastated by ISIS. 

Another is an Olive Oil Soap Factory. They are already successful on a small scale, but are in need of investment to fully function. Currently down to three, this project will set it on track to employ the ten people it did before the ISIS Invasion. This is a larger project costed at $23,000. 

We’re also excited about the possibilities for the Bulgar Wheat Factory. Investment of $9,000 will provide the factory with new machinery, vitally needed infrastructure improvements including water, electricity and flooring. This short project will set this business back on track to provide both employment and products to the local and national markets, benefiting the local economy.

Please help us to bring hope and develop a future for these communities

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