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New report on persecuted Christians pulls no punches

Political correctness is partly to blame for the failure to address the suffering of persecuted Christians around the world. This is according to an interim report by the Rt Rev Philip Mounstephen, Anglican Bishop of Truro, published today. The report is part of an independent review called for by Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, which will make recommendations on practical steps the British government can take to support those under threat. Speaking from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr Hunt told reporters: “I think we’ve all been asleep on the watch when it comes to the persecution of Christians”, adding that post-colonial guilt has “perhaps created awkwardness in talking about this issue.”

Members of the FRRME team were asked to give evidence last month before the review panel. We cannot go into detail about this but we can tell you that we were able to share first-hand testimony from persecuted Christians in Iraq. Those interviewed included Mike Simpson (CEO), Gillian Dare (Trustee) and Fiona Bunn (Advocacy and Projects). Some of the evidence we submitted will be included in the final report which is scheduled for publication in June. Like those of you who have supported us on this issue, we want to see action, not just words. While the British government was quick to label the murder of Christians in Iraq and Syria by ISIS as ‘genocide’, it’s diplomatic efforts have been lacklustre.

Mike Simpson (CEO) and Christopher Segar (Trustee) at the launch of the independent review

Our views on the matter

Commenting on the publication of the interim report, FRRME CEO Mike Simpson said:

“We applaud the Foreign Secretary for commissioning this review and were delighted to be able to contribute to it. The plight of Christians in Iraq is of particular concern to us. Over a million Christians have fled Iraq in the past 15 years.

“Those who remain must be protected. A pluralist, tolerant Iraq is in the interests of all the people of that country. This is especially true after the horror of ISIS and the consequent trauma inflicted on millions of people of all faiths there.”

Bishop Mounstephen liked our Twitter post about this today. We will keep our social media and e-newsletter subscribers as up-to-date as possible. Watch this space. 

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