This week the Iraqi army retook Hawija, the last major Iraqi town under ISIS control. This followed the news that the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is still alive, although his exact whereabouts are unknown. While ISIS appears to be on the way out, the humanitarian disaster it has created continues. Over 3 million people are still displaced, half of which are children, with 11 million people needing humanitarian assistance.

Delivering fresh food to Debaga IDP camp in Makhmour

This week we delivered fresh food to IDP camps in Iraqi Kurdistan, including Debaga (one of the largest IDP camps in Iraq). The occupants are mainly Sunni Muslims, the largest group victimised by ISIS. The camps also play host to Yazidis, Shabaks and Kaka’i, minority groups which were also targetted. In 2016, the US State Department and the EU designated the persecution of these groups (along with Christians) as “genocide”.

FRRME provides relief supplies to people of all religions in Iraq and in so doing we seek to demonstrate Christian love and compassion in action (Galatians 6 Verse 10). 

Last week, we invited our supporters to complete a short survey about our work. 235 people replied and the results were very interesting. 92% of you believe the ‘advancement of the Christian religion’ is a very important objective (we agree). 63% of you believe we should prioritise our support for Christians (which we do), with a third saying we should help all groups equally. In terms of where we should focus our efforts, 89% of you said Iraq, with Jordan in second place and Israel/Palestine important to nearly half of those who took part. A lot of people commented that they could not really say where we should concentrate our work and trusted us to make wise decisions based on our assessment of needs.

Handing out coupons to Iraqi Christian refugees at 
the Greek Catholic Church in Fuheis, Jordan

In Jordan this week we gave out coupons to Iraqi Christian refugees at the Greek Catholic Church in Fuheis. The coupons can be used in four different supermarkets and newly-arrived families can buy all sorts of essential items with them, from food to electric fan heaters, blankets and pillows. While they are safe from persecution, Iraqi refugees are not permitted to work in Jordan, which means they have no means of income. Through our partnership with four churches, we are helping to feed 700 Iraqi refugee families while their asylum applications to western countries are processed.

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