A Ministry Under Siege

St George’s Church in Baghdad is a ministry under siege. However, with your support we are helping members of the congregation like Nadira.

Nadira is in poor health. She is often breathless and seems exhausted. She has suffered more than most. Originally from Baghdad, she lost her husband in 2005 in a suicide bombing. After 17 days of not knowing what had happened to him, she discovered he was dead. She was asked to identify his body at the mortuary. It was badly burnt but Nadira could see enough of his face to know it was him.

We are helping the poorest

We interviewed Nadira at St George’s, the only Anglican church in Iraq. With your support, we are helping some of the poorest families at the church, providing them with direct financial assistance and monthly food packages.

We are also funding the St George’s Medical Clinic. The team includes Christians and Muslims – all local Iraqis – who want to see their community reconciled. They work together to provide free health care for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or ethnicity.

There is also a kindergarten at St George’s which caters for around 150 children (Christian and Muslim). The church is part-way through building a primary school, however more funding is needed to complete this project.

St George’s remains the keystone of our work in Iraq. It is a unique ministry which continues to serve the faithful in spite of repeated attacks by extremists. To watch a clip of a Sunday service, please click on the link below.

Please make a donation and support our work

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