The completed mosaic for our new Olive Tree Center in the Jordanian town of Madaba. Riveen, an Iraqi Christian refugee, designed it for us. As you can see, she is incredibly talented!

The Hashemite Kingdom – a home for refugees

In the last seventy years The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (as it’s officially known) has become home for millions of refugees from across the Arab world. According to the latest census figures, there are an estimated 2.1 million Palestinian and 1.4 million Syrian refugees in the country. However, the number of Iraqi Christian refugees is sketchy. Estimated numbers range from 10,000 to 60,000, although many are still making their way to Jordan. We are supporting 6,000 of them. Several new families arrived at the church we are supporting in Madaba just last month. Life in Iraq had become impossible for them. 

Sadly, a post-ISIS settlement in Iraq has yet to be agreed. Without it, militias and sectarian groups are gaining control, especially in the north of the country. Iraqi Christians are finding it difficult to exist in their homeland. Increasingly, they are seeking refuge abroad. Most of them have no money and a significant number are in poor health. While relatively safe, Jordan is a tough place for an Iraqi refugee. No jobs, no healthcare, and little support from the international community. Since 2014, only a handful of families have managed to secure asylum to Australia. The rest are languishing in a country that is not familiar to them.

There is hope

Iraqi Christian refugees wave their food vouchers provided by us

While life can be bleak for those we are helping, our mission in Jordan is making a positive impact. CEO Mike Simpson flew out two weeks ago to check on the progress of our new Olive Tree Center (more about that below). While there, he participated in a food voucher distribution for the Iraqi refugees in Madaba (arranged by our Project Officer, Helena Scott). Working in partnership with the Full Gospel Church, we are assisting 97 families who would struggle to eat without our support. Many of them have fled ISIS and Al Qaeda in Iraq. Most of these families will never go back and are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed. They are so grateful for the help they receive. Thank you to all those who are making donations. For those who would like to support us, please see the giving options below. 

CEO Mike Simpson handing out this month’s food vouchers

The Olive Tree Center – A Mission Statement

Our new Olive Tree Center in Madaba will support refugees of all ages and faiths, with a particular focus on Iraqi Christians. It will be a refuge for the dispossessed and the persecuted. In this respect, the Center will operate as a practical expression of Christian love. 

Olive trees have symbolic and historic resonance across various communities, including Christians. The olive tree has deep roots; it is strong and resilient. Olive trees can withstand harsh conditions. New olives grow every year. The olive tree symbolizes growth and fruitfulness. When olives are crushed they produce the richness of olive oil, known for its vitality and health giving properties. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and new beginnings. Those are some of the blessings we hope people will experience at our Olive Tree Center. We will share more about this wonderful new project in the coming weeks. 

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