Three months after moving to Jordan from the US and I am writing with hope, determination and an increased thirst to help the Iraqi Christian refugees here. In July I set up an English class in Madaba, a city to the south of Amman, which has given me the opportunity to get to know the people we are helping.

Iraqi children at our English class in Madaba draw their family trees

Last week, I visited a family recently arrived from a displacement camp in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. Thanks to your support, they are now living in a small apartment in Amman. They are so grateful for the improved living conditions we have been able to provide. In Iraq, the husband, Rafed, was a civil engineer. His face lit up as he spoke about his past. He showed me photos of churches in Iraq he helped design and build. Despite his new life as a refugee, he is happy that his family are safe from the sectarian violence they saw in their homeland. Before FRRME came to their aid, his wife was forced to sell all her jewellery to pay for food. However, she told me she managed to hold on to her wedding ring.

Rafed’s wife and children

This week I visited another family. The dad, Wassim, is a former IT manager who worked on computers for the US Army and NATO forces. Wassim and his family arrived in Jordan a year and a half ago. Prior to that, they lived in a displacement camp in Erbil. While it is tough in Jordan – Wassim toils as a labourer seven days a week and is only paid £7 / $10 per day – he really appreciates his new life. He is extremely grateful for the support we give him and his family which includes monthly food packages. Despite feeling exhausted from work, Wassim is hopeful that things will get better. He and his family dream of going to Australia but the asylum process can take years.

Wassim with his children

After three months in Jordan, I feel I am really getting to know the families we are helping. My eyes have been opened to the challenges and hardships they endure on a daily basis. Our mission is to help make their lives a little bit easier. Whether this is through the provision of food packages, rent money, or English classes, with your support we will continue to give them hope for the future.

Blog written by Helena Scott, FRRME’s Project Officer in Jordan.

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